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24.11.2016 - Letter to the Editor of Financial Times, sent on 18 November 2016

Sir, It was surreal to read (“Aleppo residents suffer ‘surrender or starve’ onslaught”, 18 November) concerns about the wellbeing of Aleppo children voiced precisely by Nour al-Din al-Zinki group, best known for beheading a 12 year old boy in July.

23.11.2016 - PHOTO: Ambassador Yakovenko meets Westminster-Russia Forum

On 23 November, Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko met in Rossotrudnichesto with the representatives of the Westminster-Russia Forum, a British voluntary group promoting a greater cultural, commercial and political understanding between the United Kingdom and the Russian Federation.

23.11.2016 - Henry Jackson Society’s new report: back to political censorship in Great Britain?

The Russian Embassy has taken note of the new report “Putin’s Useful Idiots: Britain’s Left, Right and Russia”, produced by the Russia Studies Centre of the Henry Jackson Society.

23.11.2016 - Answers by Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko to media questions after the demonstration near the Embassy on the 23 of November

1. Question: How do you see today’s demonstration in support of Russia’s policy in Syria? Answer: From the very start of the Russian operation in Syria we have seen a lot of support from Britons who see that the war being waged there is а war against enemies of the whole European civilization, including Britain. This support can be felt now as well, despite the Whitehall instigated campaign to accuse Russia of “war crimes”. News of civilian suffering are cynically exploited to hamper the defeat of terrorists and their allies, to undermine the political process. It’s good that more and more people come to understand this.

23.11.2016 - PHOTO: Demonstration near the Russian Embassy in London

On 23 November a demonstration in support of the Russia’s policy in Syria took place near the Russian Embassy in London. Among the slogans were “The terrorists in Syria are on the retreat because of combined Russian and Syrian military campaigns”, “The Russian and Syrian governments are fighting groups in Syria who wish to harm British citizens” and “The Russian military fights for UK security in Syria”. Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko went to meet the participants and thanked them for their support.

23.11.2016 - Press release on Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s telephone conversation with British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson

On November 22, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov had a telephone conversation with British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Boris Johnson initiated by the UK.

22.11.2016 - Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s opening remarks at a joint meeting of Russian and Belarusian Foreign Ministry Collegiums, Minsk, November 22, 2016

This year, we are marking a notable date: the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty on the Creation of the Community of Russia and Belarus, which became the first step toward the creation of the Union State. During these years we have ensured a truly allied character of our relations and shown to our immediate neighbours all the advantages of steady progress towards integration.

21.11.2016 - 2016 Leaders’ Declaration, Lima, November 21, 2016

We, the Leaders of APEC, met in Lima under the theme of Quality Growth and Human Development to continue working on our common endeavor to support free and open trade and investment, sustainable economic growth and shared prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region. Within this vision, in 2016 we have focused our efforts on the following thematic priorities: Regional Economic Integration and Quality Growth; Enhancing the Regional Food Market; Towards the Modernization of Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) in the Asia-Pacific; and Developing Human Capital.

21.11.2016 - PHOTO: Ushakov Medal presented to the Arctic Convoys Veterans

On 18 November Attaché of the Embassy Oleg Shor presented the Ushakov medals to the Arctic Convoys veterans Mr Ernest QUANTRILL, Mr James Harold ROBSON, Mr Howard Maclaughlin SMITH, Mr Eric SPURR, Mr Wilfred Douglas PEACOCK, Mr Joseph Henry MALLOWS, Mr Kenneth KEMP and Mr Harry JEFFERY, who were awarded this military honour by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation for their personal courage and bravery displayed in WWII.

20.11.2016 - Bringing peace to Syria (by Ambassador Yakovenko for "Sunday Mirror", published on 20.11.2016)

It has to be borne in mind that Russia sent its Air Force to Syria only on 30 September 2015. According to our Western interlocutors, it was a critical moment when Damascus was about to fall to the ISIS onslaught. The foreign terrorist organizations, proscribed by the UN, such as ISIS and “Nusra”, are the single most important factor that distorted the entire setup in Syria. In fact, the terrorists are leading the opposition militarily, including in East Aleppo. Accordingly, if they call the tune on the battlefield, they’ll do the same in Syria if they prevail. Our only strategy in Syria is to allow the Syrians to decide for themselves.

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