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19.12.2016 - PHOTO: Guest and participants of the Russian Heritage scientific conference visit the Russian Embassy

On 19 December the Russian Ambassador Mr Yakovenko invited the guests and participants of the fist “Russian Heritage” scientific conference to visit the Russian Embassy in London. Our compatriots and British helpers and participants of the “Russian Heritage” committee learned about the history of the Embassy, about work and daily life of the diplomats. A short Q&A session followed the excursion.

17.12.2016 - Ambassador Yakovenko meets FCO Chief Scientific Adviser Professor Grimes

On 16 December 2016 Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko met FCO Chief Scientific Adviser Professor Robin Grimes. They focused on development of scientific cooperation between Russia and the UK as well as plans for the forthcoming bilateral Russia-UK Year of Science and Education 2017.

16.12.2016 - PHOTO: Ushakov Medal is presented to Veteran of the Arctic Convoys Mr James Goodwin

On 13th December 2016 the Ushakov Medal and a personalized officer wrist watch “VOSTOK” were presented to Veteran of the Arctic Convoys Mr James Goodwin.

16.12.2016 - Comment by the Information and Press Department on anti-Russian remarks by Chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) Alex Younger

We took note of an anti-Russian remark Chief of the British MI6 service Alex Younger made at a news conference on December 8. He made the unsubstantiated claim that Britain is under threat from high-tech sabotage carried out by regimes like Moscow and that the Russians will try to undermine the upcoming elections in Germany and France.

16.12.2016 - Comment by the Information and Press Department on the humanitarian situation in Aleppo

Russia continues to do its best to de-escalate tensions and resolve the acute humanitarian problems in Syria, especially in Aleppo.


On 15 December on the initiative of the British side Ambassador of Russia Alexander Yakovenko met Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. The Foreign Secretary stated the official reaction of London to the successful humanitarian operation now under way in Aleppo.

15.12.2016 - Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko meets with British MPs

On 15 December Ambassador of Russia Alexander Yakovenko held a meeting with a group of British MPs. An open and frank conversation on Syria took place. The British MPs were interested in first-hand information on Russia's position on the settlement in Syria. The Ambassador also presented his assessments of the current British policy on this issue. In particular, the attention was drawn to President Vladimir Putin’s appeal at the UN to create a united front to fight terrorism.

14.12.2016 - PHOTO: Flight of the Swans celebration

On 13 December 2016 Attaché of the Russian Embassy Elena Gorshkova took part in Flight of Swans celebration in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire, devoted to remarkable journey and completion of the migration from training through to landing of the Flight of Swans expedition headed by Sacha Dench. Sacha followed Bewick’s swans - the smallest and rarest members of the swan family- on their annual journey from Arctic in Russian in a motorised paraglider. She is the first woman that crossed through the English Channel on a paraglider.

13.12.2016 - Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s opening remarks during talks with Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic, Belgrade, December 12, 2016

First of all, I would like to convey to you the warmest greetings from President of Russia Vladimir Putin. He fondly remembers the conversation you had in March. You discussed many issues, including events in the world and Europe.

13.12.2016 - Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko's interview for The Daily Mail (full text)

Question: Does Russia hope for better co-operation (both political and military) with the UK and how can this be achieved/ what would this look like? Answer: Unlike MI-6 Director Alex Younger’s portrayal of Russia, I can assure you that Russia doesn’t view Britain as a strategic adversary, and it just cannot be. There is nothing strategic for us to contest. We hope for real cooperation, not war of words, primarily in the fight against terrorism, including military and special services cooperation, in political settlement in Syria and other international issues.

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