21 April 2014
Moscow: 03:28
London: 00:28

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All the information concerning application for russian international passport is on russian version of our website http://www.rus.rusemb.org.uk/passport/.


Comments: 8

10.03.2014 10:15 - Valentina Hine

подавала заявление на получение нового паспорта. персонал внимательный и вежливый. обслуживание отличное!

10.01.2014 14:48 - Guzel Khakimova

Podavala na novyj passport, vpechatlena rabotoj sotrudnikov, bystro, vezhlivo, passport gotov menshe chem za 2 mes.Spasibo ogromnoe.

26.11.2013 11:36 - Valeria

Подавала документы на замену паспорта - отличный быстрый сервис! Большое спасибо!

19.07.2013 16:24 - Ekaterina Rodrigues

Thank you very much for information about passport for my son.

19.07.2013 16:22 - Ekaterina Rodrigues

Thank you very much for information about passport for my son.

29.06.2013 22:52 - Marina Tabolova

I must admit that there is a big improvement in the customer services at the Russian consulate. The staff are friendly and helpful. The services are professional and fast. Practically no waiting time and you can always get the necessary information in a efficient manner. Very pleasing. Following the expiration of my passport I had to have my Russian citizenship confirmed and then renewed my passport. Very happy with the service and results I have experienced.

08.04.2013 13:24 - Igor G

Сегодня подавал на паспорт и был приятно удивлён как чётко работает приём населения. Вся процедура от входа до выхода заняла 10 минут, всё очень вежливо и быстро. Молодцы.

13.03.2013 18:56 - Jacqueline

Please can you advise me about acquiring a new passport as quickly as possible; the passport was sent out by UKBA on 20 Feb it has not been received, there is no trace on Royal Mail's Track and Trace system and I have to travel home to Russia next week. Please advise. The cost of a Priority Service, and a contact name and person who I can speak to urgently. Thank you. jackie10_@hotmail.com