28 August 2014
Moscow: 11:04
London: 08:04

Consular Section:  
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Travel information for Russian citizens visiting the UK is available, in Russian, at http://www.rus.rusemb.org.uk/traveladvice/ In case of emergency Russian nationals can call the Embassy’s specially allocated phone line +44 (0) 7721 337 434, in addition to other means of communication. This line is open 24/7 and is for emergencies only (no other information provided).

Varied information about Russia for UK citizens can be found at http://www.rusemb.org.uk/russia/


Comments: 4

31.05.2014 00:14 - Elena Boenke

Good afternoon We are going to visit our parents, who live in Sevastopol, Crimea. We have German passports. Do we need a Russian visa for travelling to the Crimea. Can you please confirm, that the situation in Sevastopol is stable for visiting this city with children? Thank you in advance. Best regards Elena Boenke

19.02.2014 20:41 - Rat Weston

I have just seen the disgusting behaviour by the security forces at Sochi, beating the girls from Pussy Riot. This video is going around the world, and everyone who sees it will judge the Russian government by it. They were not a threat to your security, and I do hope those men are disciplined accordingly. Are you so worried about a bunch of girls singing a song (whatever you may think of the quality) that you allow your forces to behave like this? Disgusting, immoral and totally unnecessary behaviour towards people of your own country who were engaging in, what the rest of the world would consider to be, lawful protest! Disgusting behaviour!!!!! Do you think that this sort of thing will encourage people to visit your country??? Sick country!!

03.10.2013 13:31 - Louise - Rita Ikama

To whom it may concern. My name is Louise - Rita Ikama. Heir though (Jesus Christ) of the Island of Tango, the big island of Hawaii, in (Jesus Name). the purpose of this mail is to help me with the following. I had try to contact (Igor Ovanesian, a Russian member of Iaaf) via both your Ambassador at london without any reply yet, in (Jesus Name) then again at Monaco, as i had given him information regarding Felix Sanchez for him to travel from Domonican Republic Via Igor Ovanesian to United Kingdom (Birmingham), Until today i had no reply Since February 2013, when i had first requested to my Amelia Leung from (Leung and Co Solicitor) in Bristol to help me contact Mr Felix Sanchez in (Jesus Name). Looking Forward hearing from you Yours Faithfully Louise - Rita Ikama Heir though Jesus Christ, in (Jesus Name)

23.05.2012 13:22 - Brett horsfied

Can you please tell me is it true.if a Russian person as a working visa.when they buy a plane ticket it as to be a return ticket.even if there going to be working in England?that doesn't make sense if they have a working visa. I thought 1 way would be fine.and you would by a return when the visa runs out.thanks