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256 days have passed since the Salisbury incident - no credible information or response from the British authorities                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     248 days have passed since the death of Nikolay Glushkov on British soil - no credible information or response from the British authorities



Letter to the Editor, FT Magazine, sent on 24 November


I feel entitled to comment on Simon Kuper's `Trump: a liberal loser responds` (FT.com/Magazine November 19/20 2016), for he mentioned `the Russian taxi driver in Paris 1920's`, thus laying claim, in the name of Western liberal elite, to the fate of the White Russians. The present situation plainly doesn't fit the description for there is no prospect of armed civil war nor being driven out of one's own country.

Simon Kuper mentions, in passing, the mainstream media's complicity in hollowing out democracy and suppressing the voice of the majority, suffering from the negative consequences of globalization. But this sin is quite huge indeed, because it was a deliberate hushing up, through political correctness, of the dissent of the people being marginalized in their own countries.

I remember asking a British friend 12 years ago why there was no public debate of real issues in a country going down the drain. And the answer was that it was a tradition of the chattering classes. To be fair, Simon Kuper mentioned this societal habit in one of his pieces some time ago (since then I am his regular reader).

So, the elite was not only guilty of not willing to listen to the concerns of the majority, which has been effectively disenfranchised, but of a by far greater crime of the lack of imagination. The latter is the gravest sin possible in intellectual elites. One could compare the intensity of intellectual debate, say, in 1968 and afterwards. Why lament now? As to inner freedom, it seems to be a must at all times, like strategic depth for nations.

Nobody, I believe, has a problem with liberal values. But they represent a superstucture upon a sustainable economic foundation. I hope, you'll agree that having a job is the single most important condition for human dignity. Be the way, Francis Fukuyama once wrote in IHT (or INYT?) that the Western political thought had not overcome the denial of equality of human dignity. Maybe, this explains a lot.

Gordon Brown coined the term `deglobalisation` eight years ago. About that time people started talking even of the need for the new paradigm of economic development. F.Fukuyama has been writing about `political decay` and why radical transformations in societies require a measure of self-destruction (be it the Soviet Union, the EU or the West, that makes no difference). Unlike 100 years ago, this time we are facing no prospect of a world war, which is good enough.

As to Hillary Clinton, one could have a look at the foreign policy programme prepared for her by her friends at the Brookings Institution (the Centre for a New American Security), which would have made her a real Mrs.War. By the way, this Administration tried to scare us with the prospect of Michele Flournoy becoming Secretary of Defense, and Strobe Talbott Secretary of State.

So, in my humble opinion, there is no reason whatsoever to panic. Hopefully, Donald Trump will at least start fixing what needs to be fixed in a pragmatic fashion, and not try to preserve the status quo by way of running the real risk of war as a policy by default.


Alexander Kramarenko

Minister-Counsellor of the Russian Embassy


27.11.2017 - "Do not politicise peaceful mission" Article by Consul General Mr Andrey Pritsepov in "The Herald" newspaper, published 23.11.2017

YOUR article ("Navy warship shadows Russian destroyer as it crosses UK waters", The Herald, November 21) fails to mention that the Russian naval vessel the Vice Admiral Kulakov and her supporting tanker transit in UK waters had been duly cleared and co-ordinated with the British side

15.11.2017 - Embassy response to a BBC question

Q: Can you provide a response to the speech being made by Ciaran Martin this morning, in which Russia is accused of having attacked the UK’s media, telecommunications and energy sectors over the past year.\\\\r\\\\nA: We are concerned by such assertions since they mislead the British public in regard to the so called cyberattacks. We view these statements in the context of Prime Minister May’s “Banquet speech” which described Russia as number 1 threat for UK and the world community.

17.02.2017 - Embassy comment on BBC Two film

The film “Russia’s Hooligan Army” shot and broadcast by BBC Two with Russia-hosted 2018 FIFA World Cup in mind is quite shocking. One gets the impression that its goal is to sow fear in British society and warn the fans against travelling to Russia. Based on edited footage of football fans’ clashes in Marseille and violent Russian fans, the filmmakers from the government-funded channel did their best to discredit Russia and the forthcoming World Cup.

13.02.2017 - Letter to the Editor of The Sunday Telegraph

Sir, As to your recent article “Putin considers handing over Snowden as “gift” to the US” (12 February) I’ve got to admit I was stunned to see such a slapdash work by your colleagues. Apparently, journalism differs from propaganda in providing a balanced view and a measure of decency. In this case, the author plainly decided to ignore the Russian Government's opinion, expressed by the Kremlin & MFA spokespersons. Which is that Edward Snowden enjoys a legal status in Russia. He’s not a toy to be traded or presented to anyone. If your correspondent believes that in our time a bilateral relationship could be based on so a cynical arrangement then he absolutely misunderstands the very nature of contemporary international relations. It is insulting both to Russia and the United States as well as to your paper and your readers.

13.02.2017 - Embassy spokesperson's comment on "cyber witch hunt" timed to the launch of NCSC

Anybody following UK media in the recent days must have taken note of a "cyber witch hunt" unleashed against Russia by BBC, the Times, The Guardian et al. This well-coordinated attack is clearly timed to the official launch of National Cyber Security Centre, scheduled for Tuesday. Its head Ciaran Martin has already given interviews in droves, juggling figures and taking full advantage of the GCHQ status as absolving of the responsibility to provide supporting evidence (we would gladly see "a European report" and "a NATO report" quoted in the alarmist publications).

10.02.2017 - Embassy responds to BBC on Russia's "misinformation" campaign and the "cause of Scottish independence"

Q: What funding has the Russian government provided the Sputnik Edinburgh bureau? A: It is proper to address this question to the Sputnik Edinburgh bureau or its office in Moscow. Q: Are Russian government officials regularly in contact with Sputnik editors in the UK and elsewhere in the world? A: Sputnik, like the taxpayer-funded BBC, is independent and has its own editorial policy.

03.12.2016 - Russian Embassy Spokesman comment on PMO’s statement on East Aleppo

Question: PMO spokeswoman told Daily Mail that “Russia should use its influence with the Assad regime to stop these appalling atrocities in Aleppo and let humanitarian aid through”. What is your comment on that? Answer: It seems that our British partners prefer living in denial, finding comfort in what is said to be a post-truth world. That is if the reality doesn’t suit their five-year old narrative tant pis for the reality.

24.11.2016 - Letter to the Editor of the Daily Telegraph, published on 24 November 2016

Letter to the Editor of the Daily Telegraph, published on 24 November 2016

24.11.2016 - Letter to the Editor of Financial Times, sent on 18 November 2016

Sir, It was surreal to read (“Aleppo residents suffer ‘surrender or starve’ onslaught”, 18 November) concerns about the wellbeing of Aleppo children voiced precisely by Nour al-Din al-Zinki group, best known for beheading a 12 year old boy in July.

21.10.2016 - Letter to the Editor of Financial Times, published on 19 October 2016

Sir, You are right to suggest (“America’s dilemma over Russian cyber attacks”) that international agreements on the rules of conduct in cyberspace are necessary. We realized it long ago, when Moscow proposed to Washington to hold consultations on the issue.

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