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14.03.2015 - On Russia’s Anti-crisis Measures (Ambassador Yakovenko, for Russia Today)

Given the negative trend in the Russian economy in late 2014 - early 2015, caused by a complex of internal and external factors, including the sharp decline in world energy prices and the western sanctions, the Russian Government has approved the "Priority Action Plan for the sustainable development of the economy and social stability in 2015".

13.03.2015 - THE FUTURE OF ARMS CONTROL IN EUROPE (by Ambassador Yakovenko)

For many years Russia has been undertaking every possible step to maintain a viability of the conventional arms control regime in Europe.


The Human Rights Council (HRC) is a leading human rights agency in the UN system. Russia believes that the HRC’s fundamental operating principle should be based on cooperation between states and respect for each other’s sovereignty and equality.

10.03.2015 - Protection of Christians in the Middle East must become an international priority (by Ambassador Yakovenko)

The Middle East, the cradle of Christianity and human civilisation, today has been swept by a wave of extremism, while its interfaith and civilisational contradictions have become sharply aggravated.


The United Nations has been and remains the cornerstone of the international system. The goals, principles and rules sealed in the UN Charter are a vital source of international law and the basis of the code of conduct on the international stage. They provide for key elements of a polycentric world order by creating functional mechanism for governing the world by coordinating the positions of the leading states.

27.02.2015 - THE TRUTH ABOUT RUSSIA’S NEW MILITARY DOCTRINE (Ambassador Yakovenko, for Russia Today)

The new version of Russia’s military doctrine, approved by President Putin on 26 December 2014, attracts increased attention in the Western media, especially, its provisions for eventual use of nuclear weapons.

23.02.2015 - Letter to the Editor of the Daily Telegraph, published on 23 February 2015

SIR – You report, in accordance with the unfriendly statements of Michael Fallon, that the flights of Russian strategic bombers were, so the MoD said “unprecedented since the height of the Cold War”. Russian planes do regularly fly to remote geographical areas and will continue to do so. This is required for personnel training and to verify aircraft capabilities. All flights are carried out in strict accordance with international regulations.

20.02.2015 - Whose planes over whose borders (Ambassador Yakovenko, for Russia Today)

The extraordinary hysteria launched in the British media after Defence Secretary Michael Fallon accused Russia of preparing an attack against the Baltic states and of repeated violations of aviation safety rules warrants some clarifications regarding the actual scope of Russia's and NATO's air forces activities.

19.02.2015 - Political transition – the only solution to Yemen crisis (Ambassador Yakovenko, for Russia Today)

On February 15, the United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 2201 aimed at resolving the crisis in the Republic of Yemen in response to the deteriorating political situation.

16.02.2015 - UN Security Council should give political impetus to Minsk agreements on Ukraine (by Ambassador Yakovenko)

The next day after a ceasefire for eastern Ukraine was agreed in Minsk, the Russian delegation at the UN Security Council proposed a draft resolution in support of the Minsk agreements.

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