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21.11.2011 - Interview by Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko to Menu Magazine

The residence of the Russian ambassador in Great Britain is located in the prestigious Kensington Palace Gardens, the street of embassies and billionaires. Private vehicles are prohibited to enter for security reasons. Although the armed security guards let London taxis past the barriers – evidently it is believed that real terrorists don’t drive in taxis to commit acts of terrorism.

14.11.2011 - Address by Alexander Yakovenko, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to the UK, to the participants of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce investment forum in Moscow.

Dear friends, I am happy to welcome all guests and participants of the Russia TALK investment forum. It gives me pleasure to extend greetings to the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce on the occasion of its 95th anniversary and wish great success, exciting new projects, brilliant ideas and many more years of work to the still energetic, regardless of its respectable age, organization.

13.11.2011 - Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko’s remarks at Remembrance Day ceremony at the Soviet War memorial in London, 13 November 2011

Today, we are laying wreaths to the Monument to 27 million of Soviet citizens who lost their lives in World War II, and by doing so we are paying our tribute to all those who fell in war battlefields.

10.11.2011 - Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko’s congratulations for Valery Salygin, Director of the MGIMO International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy

Dear Mr Salygin I have the pleasure to extend to you my heartfelt greetings on the occasion of the first “serious” anniversary of the MGIMO International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy.

09.11.2011 - Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko’s remarks at All Party Group event at the British Parliament (Russian Imperial Stout tasting), 9 November 2011

Dear hosts and guests, At first sight it would appear that the topic of today’s event doesn’t have much to do with politics. All in all, beer as such has been denied any worthy place in modern political and diplomatic discourse. As far back as in the 19th century this beverage was regarded as a key factor of the state stability. Let me just remind you the famous quote by Queen Victoria: “Give my people plenty of beer, good beer, and cheap beer, and you will have no revolution among them!” In the midst of the current international crisis this thesis is becoming especially relevant, isn’t it?

03.11.2011 - Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko’s lecture at theDepartment of Slavonic Studies, University of Cambridge

It is an honour for me to speak at Cambridge, and a special privilege to address those who made Russia their profession. The topic of my speech is quite broad but, to my view, it reflects the depth of the transformation processes happening everywhere around the globe, including our part of the World.

31.10.2011 - Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko’s speech at the Vnesheconombank/RBCC Round Table on investment climate in Russia

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mutually advantageous business cooperation and commercial ties between Russia and Great Britain have witnessed a dynamic growth over the past years. Great Britain is one of our leading trade and economic partners. British cumulative investment today exceeds $21bn. As regards its current investment, last year British capital ranked first among foreign investors. Over 600 British companies operate in Russia and their numbers are constantly growing. True, there are enormous opportunities for the expansion of trade and investment ties between our nations, especially on the regional level; also, Russia’s modernization agenda makes the presence of foreign capital a vital need. In this connection, one of consequential results deriving from the 12 September talks between President Medvedev and British Prime Minister David Cameron and his meeting with Prime Minister Putin was the common understanding that contemporary realities, including those in the context of post-crisis recovery, call on our countries for a more pragmatic and long-range approach to shaping normal, streamlined political relations over the long haul.

27.10.2011 - Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko’s Speech at the inauguration of "Building the Revolution: Soviet Art and Architecture 1915-1935".

The Royal Academy of Arts has demonstrated an on-going commitment to the exhibition of Russian art and of art held in Russian collections: in 1945 it displayed an exhibition of Soviet graphic art, in 1959, an Exhibition of the Works of Russian and Soviet Artists. More recently, The Art of Holy Russia, in 1998, Amazons of the Avant-Garde, in 1999/2000 and, most recently, From Russia in 2008. Relevant to the subject of this exhibition is the presentation of the George Constakis Collection, Art of the Avant-garde in Russia, which occurred in 1983.

27.10.2011 - LondonCyber: on the ways to counter treats posed to cybersecurity - article by Alexander Yakovenko, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the UK.

The London conference is a good occasion to discuss emerging opportunities in cooperation in the domain of information security. Firstly, that is prevention of hostile use of information and telecommunication technologies for politico-military or terrorist goals. Countering cybercrime, establishing conditions for further intensive development of cross-border information cooperation, as well as ensuring free dissemination of information in the global cyberspace are some of those.

25.10.2011 - Bending the rules is not the way to resolve conflict – article by Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko published on 25 October 2011 in the Daily Telegraph supplement

More than 20 years have passed since the end of the Cold War, when Moscow and Washington often negotiated directly with each other. Whenever they failed to agree, the UN was brought in – but back then, that was not much help either.

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