1 June 2020
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Ambassador’s Letter of Recognition

The personal letter of recognition(in Russian: личная благодарность) from the Ambassador is an honorific award presented to a broad range of all those who contributed to the development of humanitarian, cultural and scientific ties between the countries andthe peoplesof Russia and Britain, including during the 2014 Russia-UK Year of Culture and 2016 Year of Language and Literature.

The ambassador’s letter of recognition is accompanied by a special design pin, made after pattern of Kazimir Malevich paintings.


          Valdas Adamovicius Russian volunteer bureau    
          Joanna Angell Sayes Court    
          Mr Craig Anderson    Scottish Salmon Company    
          Mrs Ksenia Afonina
Russian community of Cambridge
          Mr Vadim Aleksin
Russian Community of Coventry
          Robert Bagley Sayes Court    
          Mrs Olga Balakleets Russian Community Council    
          Alan Bartlett Agriculture    
          Trevor Barton MBE      
          Ekaterina Barkho Russian Film Week    
          Ronnie Bartlett CEO of Albert Bartlett    
          Dmitry Belitsky Russian Community Counci    
          Ian Blatchford Director of Science Museum    
          Rosalind Polly Blakesley Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery    
          Kirill  Bobylev Sculptor    
          Mrs Sally  Bonnar    Friends of Pskov Association (Perth)    
          Mr David  Bonnar   
Friends of Pskov Association (Perth)
          Mr Bradley  Borland    Morris Leslie Group    
          Irina  Bormotova Russian Community Council    
          Mr. Oleg Borushko Pushkin in Britain    
          Mrs Janet  Bowen    Lord Leutenant of Ross and Cromarty    
          Professor Anthony Briggs Scholar and translator of Russian literature    
          Anna Alexandra Maria  Brodsky Daughter of Joseph Brodsky    
          Mr Jacky  Brookes    Arctic Convoy Museum, Loch Ewe    
Le Brun British artist    
          Dr Stuart Campbell      
          Mr Andrew Campbell   Forth Valley College    
          Mr David Cant    Albion Overseas    
          Mrs Jenny Carr Scotland-Russia Forum    
          Mr Peter Charow BP    
          Mrs Lia Chanysheva Li Summer events    
          Ekaterina Chernyaeva Russian Community Council    
          Mr Alexander Clark     Councillor, Ayr Council    
          Mrs Theodora Clarke Russian Art & Culture    
          Mr James Cook      
          Mr David Craig      
          Mr James Dawney Hermitage Foundation UK    
          Elena Denezhkina British-Russian Society in the Midlands    
          Tatiana Dittrich Goodge Street Russian Theatre    
          Sir Pete Downes    Rector, University of Dundee    
          Mr Bob Duncan    Provost of Dundee    
          Michael  Eakin      
          Jayne Edwardes Royal Academy of Arts    
          Roman Firsov Russian Heritage    
          Mr Jim Foubister    Orkney Islands Council    
          Mr Peter France    University of Edinburgh    
          Ms Rose France    University of Edinburgh    
          Professor Simon  Franklin BASEES    
          Mihhail Frollov Russian Community Council    
          Elena Geddis Russian Community in Northern Ireland    
          Mr Roy Gibson    Photographer, Ayr    
          Mr Ralph Gibson Soviet War Memorial Trust Fund    
          Mr Gabriel Gorodetsky Historian    
          Mrs Oxana Gouli Russian Community Council    
          Mrs Liz Grant         
          Sir Angus  Grossart    CEO, Noble Grossart    
          Mrs Sarah  Grotrian      
          Mrs Liz Grant Provost of Perth and Kinross    
          Mr Dairmid Gunn      
          Mrs Margaret Harrison    Arctic Convoy Museum, Loch Ewe    
          Mr Peter Harrison    Arctic Convoy Museum, Loch Ewe    
          Maria Harwood Grand Dutchess Elizabeth Romanov Society    
          Natalia Hart Russian Community Council    
          Mary Hobson Translator of Russian literature    
          Lilian Hochhauser Ballet impressario    
          Victor Hochhauser Ballet impressario    
          Professor Stephen  Hutchings BASEES    
          Mr Mikhail Ignatiev Russian National Tourist Office    
          Nina Ivanishenko Russian Community Council    
          Dina Ivanova Splat    
          Ms Emily Justice    Friends of Pskov (Perth)    
          Mrs Karina Karmenian Director St James's Publishing Ltd.    
          Alexander Kan BBC Russian Service    
          Mr Colin  Keir    MSP    
          Professor Catriona  Kelly BASEES    
          Irina Kharlamova Russian Community Council    
          Alex Kirilin Sculptor    
          Irina Kirillova Cambridge University    
          Pavel Kolesnikov      
          Olena Kosminina Russian volunteer bureau    
          Natalia Kremen Russian Community Council    
          Nina Kruglikova Russian Community Council    
          Irene Kukota Art expert, Russian Heritage    
          Feodor Kuznetsov Russian Community Council    
          Olivier  Lazare      
          Jannicke Langfeldt      
          Mr Jim   Leishman     Provost of Fife    
          The Hon. Timothy Charles Thornton Lewin HMS Belfast    
          Mr Nikita Lobanov-Rostovsky  Russian Heritage    
          Mr Iain Lochhead    Bacardi Scotland    
          Nadezhda Loginova RUBRIC    
          Mr Toby Long      
          Ms Meg  Luckins      
          Mr Stuart  Mackenzie    Arctic Convoy Museum, Loch Ewe    
          Mrs. Aina Mamaeva Znaniye Education Centre    
          Mr Robyn Marsack    Scottish Poetry Library    
          Mr Doug Millard      
          Ms Elizabeth Miles      
          Ms Natasha  Miles    Arctic Convoy Museum, Loch Ewe    
          Mr Alexander  Miller      
          Mr Robert  Miller      
          Mr Simon  Milne    Regius Keeper, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh    
          Mr George  Milne    Arctic Convoy Museum, Loch Ewe    
          Professor David  Moon BASEES    
          Mrs Helen  Moonie    Provost of Ayrshire    
          Diana Mukstina Russian Community in Leeds    
          Roger Munnings CBE RBCC    
          Natalia Murray The Courtauld Institute of Art    
          Alexey  Motlokhov      
          Alina Naumova Total Dictation    
          Mr John Newbery Russian Heritage    
          Dr Matthias Neumann BASEES    
          Geraldine Norman Heritage Foundation UK    
          Sir Timothy O’Shea   Rector, University of Edinburgh    
          Dr Jon Oldfield      
          Mrs Judith Pallot Oxford University    
          Lord Palumbo      
          Cllr Paul Pegg Mayor of Derby    
          Filip Perkon Russian Film Week    
          Tatiana Petrakova      
          Vasily Petrenko Conductor, Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra    
          Valerie Pitts, Lady Solti The Solti Foundation    
          Aleksejs Polakovs Russian Community in Leeds    
          Valentina  Polukhina Russian Poets Fund    
          Karina Polyakova Russian Community Council    
          Julia Pliauksta Russian Heritage    
          Yulia  Popova Russian Maecenas    
          Leonids Raichmans Russian Community Council    
          Alex Ratsevits Russian Albion    
          The Baroness Patricia  Rawlings House of Lords    
          Susan Reed British Library    
          Mr Kenneth Reynolds      
          William Richards      
          Mr David Richardson    University of Edinburgh    
          Mr Mike Robbins    Provost of Stirling    
          Mrs Elisabeth Roberts Scotland-Russia Forum    
          Mr Frances Robson    Scottish Poetry Library    
          Ekaterina Rogachevskaya The British Library    
          Aleksejs Ribakovs      
          Mrs Janice Sacher Heritage Foundation UK    
          Professor Richard Sakwa BASEES    
          Tamila Salimdjanova      
          Ms Mary  Scanlon    MSP    
          Sir Timothy O’Shea        
          Oksana Shelest Russian Community in Northern Ireland    
          Mr Geoffrey Shelton      
          Natalia Sidlina Curator    
          Alexandra Smirnova Science Museum    
          Mrs Emma Smith      
          Mr Donald  Smith    Scottish Oral History Centre    
          Mrs Ekaterina Solomcuk Russian Film Week    
          Mr Oleg Sotnicenko Derby Council    
          Mr Bill Spence    Lord Leutenant of Orkney    
          Eszter Steierhoffer London Design Museum    
          Mr John  Suchet Author, TV and radio host    
          Alexander Suscenko Russian Summer Ball    
          Galina Suhodinceva Russian Community in Leeds    
          Dr Margaret Tejerizo      
          Sir Richard Temple Temple Gallery    
          Eugenia Terentyeva Russian Community Council    
          Nadezda Trokhan-Abela Nadezha Charuty Foundation    
          Mr Andrey Trubnikov      
          Mr Samson Tsoy Musician    
          Mr Mikhail Urin      
          Leonty Usov Sculptor    
          Professor Peter  Waldron BASEES    
          Mrs Olga Wills      
          Mr Brian  Wilton      
          Mr Eric  Wishart    Scotland-Russia Forum    
          Mr Russ Woolnough      
          Councillor Fergus  Wood


          Maksim Zaharenkov Russian Film Week    
          Alicia Zelenkova      
          Maria Zhukova      
          Dr Svetlana Zvereva Russkaya Capella, Glasgow