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999 days have passed since the Salisbury incident - no credible information or response from the British authorities                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     991 days have passed since the death of Nikolay Glushkov on British soil - no credible information or response from the British authorities


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11.05.2018 - Information on foreign citizens’ migration regulations and registration at the place of sojourn during the 2018 FIFA World Cup™

Foreign citizens and stateless persons, arriving to the Russian Federation as the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ spectators, can enter the Russian Federation between 4 June and 15 July 2018 (in the period which starts 10 days before the first World Cup match date and ends on the date of the last World Cup match) and exit the Russian Federation between 4 June and 25 July 2018 (in the period which starts 10 days before the first World Cup match date and ends 10 days after the last World Cup match date) without visas, using identity documents recognised as such by the Russian Federation and a FAN ID (personalised spectator card) either in the paper (laminated) or electronic form. The FAN ID entitles a foreign spectator to enter, sojourn in and exit the Russian Federation during the period specified above.

11.05.2018 - Ambassador Yakovenko held a briefing for the diplomatic corps

On 10 May a briefing was held at the Embassy for the heads of the diplomatic missions accredited in London.

10.05.2018 - Ambassador’s speech at the Soviet War Memorial

Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko’s speech at the Soviet War Memorial, London, 9 May 2018

08.05.2018 - Embassy’s press officer response to a media question on the new announcements on the Skripals’ case

Q: Can you comment on today's government statements on Salisbury sites being "released" by the police?

08.05.2018 - Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko to become honorary patron of the Welsh National Opera production of “War and Peace”

In a letter to Managing Director of the Welsh National Opera Leonora Thomson, Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko has agreed to become an Honorary Patron of WNO production of Sergei Prokofiev’s opera “War and Peace”. The Welsh National Opera, one of the most distinguished UK opera houses, opens the autumn season with the new “War and Peace” production on 15 September. It is expected that after the premiere in Cardiff the new production will tour the UK, including the Royal Opera House in London.

07.05.2018 - Vladimir Putin’s speech at the inauguration ceremony as President of Russia

Vladimir Putin: Citizens of Russia, ladies and gentlemen, friends, I salute all the citizens of our great nation and compatriots living abroad, all those who are watching the broadcast of this ceremony and all those present here today, in the historic halls of the Kremlin and on the ancient Cathedral Square. As I am about to take office as the President of Russia, I am keenly aware of the immense responsibility towards each and every one of you, and towards our entire multi-ethnic nation. I am aware of my responsibility towards Russia, a country of magnificent victories and accomplishments, towards the history of the Russian state that goes back centuries and towards our ancestors. Their courage, relentless work, undefeatable unity, and the way they sanctified their homeland are eternal examples of their dedication to their Fatherland.

04.05.2018 - Embassy press officer comments on the Guardian article concerning a new British anti-Russian strategy

Q: What is our reaction to the Guardian article on a “comprehensive strategy” to “deepen the alliance against Russia” to be pursued by the UK Government at international forums? A: Judging by the publication, the main current challenge for Whitehall is to preserve the anti-Russian coalition that the Conservatives tried to build after the Salisbury incident. This task is challenging indeed. The “fusion doctrine” promoted by the national security apparatus has led to the Western bloc taking hasty decisions that, as life has shown, were not based on any facts.

04.05.2018 - Comment by the Embassy's Press Officer on British media reports concerning the alleged poisoning of BP CEO Robert Dudley in Russia in 2008

Some days ago our attention was drawn to a publication in “The Sunday Telegraph” stating that in 2008 there existed a “Russian plot” to poison Mr. Robert Dudley, then TNK-BP CEO. Considering this information as pure fiction, at first we didn’t intend to comment. But since a number of other British media spread this fabulous news, we see ourselves forced to react.

04.05.2018 - Two months since Salisbury poisoning: two Conservative myths completely destroyed

Today marks two months since the two Russian nationals, Sergei and Yulia Skripal, were hospitalized in Salisbury over what was announced to be a nerve agent poisoning. Although Russia was quickly accused of that crime, with serious international repercussions, no evidence of Russian involvement has been presented to the public. What we can say after two months is that the British case against Russia has been built on two myths, both of which have been totally dismantled.

03.05.2018 - Embassy press officer replies to a media question concerning new leaks on the Skripals case published by the Times

Q: How would you comment on the new leaks on the investigation of the Salisbury incident published in today’s Times? A: On the face of it, the latest series of leaks gives a more detailed picture than the public had had before. However, everyone would prefer to deal with official comments rather than leaks which, as the National Security Adviser Sir Mark Sedwill said on 1 May, tend to be “entirely inaccurate and speculative”.

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