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05.03.2018 - Embassy’s Press Officer reply to a question on the situation in Eastern Ghouta

Q: According to the Downing Street spokesperson, Prime Minister Theresa May and US President Donald Trump “agreed that the overwhelming responsibility for the heart-breaking human suffering lay with the Syrian regime and Russia”. How does it relate to the real situation on the ground and Russia’s efforts in bringing an end to suffering of the population in Eastern Ghouta? A: There are at least three reasons why we cannot accept these allegations. Firstly, the UN Security Council resolution 2401 aimed at alleviating suffering of the people in Eastern Ghouta calls upon all the countries with influence in Syria, including the United Kingdom and the United States, to pressure warring sides to end the fighting.

03.03.2018 - Meeting with Bulgarian diaspora activists

On 3 March, Bulgaria’s national holiday Liberation Day, members of the Bulgarian community in London came to the Russian Embassy to express gratitude for the liberation of their country from the Ottoman yoke. .

02.03.2018 - Russian Seed Company visits British Companies in Сounty Suffolk

On 28 February – 1 March 2018 the Agricultural Attaché of the Russian Embassy Vladimir Derbenskiy and the Russian company «Ailita», specializing in production of flower and vegetable seeds for amateurs market, visited world-known British seed companies «Mr. Fothergill’s» and «Thompson & Morgan» in the county of Suffolk.

01.03.2018 - Memorable gifts are presented to relatives of the Scottish Veteran of Arctic Convoys

On 27th February 2018, the Russian Consul General in Edinburgh Mr Andrey A.Pritsepov visited relatives of the WWII Veteran who took part in the Arctic Convoys, Mr Robert Stewart.

01.03.2018 - Visiting to Glenalmond college

During a working trip to Perthshire on February 27 this year, Consul General of Russia in Edinburgh, Andrey A.Pritsepov visited one of the best known private schools in Scotland – Glenalmond college for children aged 12-18. It was launched in 1847 by Prime Minister of Great Britain William Gladstone.

01.03.2018 - Visit to Perthshire

On 28th of September during a working visit to Perthshire Consul General of Russia in Edinburgh Andrey A.Pritsepov held a working meeting with the Provost of Perth Dennis Melloy.

01.03.2018 - Consul General Andrey Pritsepov answers Edinburgh Evening News questions about situation in Eastern Ghouta

Consul General Andrey Pritsepov answers Edinburgh Evening News questions about situation in Eastern Ghouta (27 February 2018)

01.03.2018 - Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly

The President of Russia delivered the Address to the Federal Assembly. The ceremony took place at the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall. The presentation of the Address was attended by Federation Council members, State Duma deputies, members of the Government, leaders of the Constitutional Court and Supreme Court, governors, speakers of the legislatures of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, the leaders of traditional religions, public figures, including the heads of regional civic chambers, as well as the leaders of major media outlets.

27.02.2018 - Ambassador Yakovenko meets FCO Minister of State Alan Duncan

On 27 February 2018 Russian Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko had a meeting with FCO Minister of State Alan Duncan on the British side’s initiative. The discussion was focused on the situation in Syria and, in particular, the implementation of the recently adopted UN Security Council Resolution 2401.

27.02.2018 - Embassy's Comment on the Donbass reintegration law

Q.: How would you assess the absence of the official reaction of the UK as regards to the “Donbass reintegration law” that has entered into force? A.: We cannot speak for the British side, but the scandalous law on so-called “reintegration of Donbass” is a consequence of the destructive policy of the Ukrainian government over the past four years since the coup d’etat in February 2014. It is commonly known that the UK and other Western countries have been supporting for all these years the authorities in Ukraine by financing, delivering weapons and sending military advisers to train Ukrainian military. So it comes as no surprise that London keeps total silence on this issue.

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