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01.04.2013 - Consequences of the Arab League decision on Syria (by Alexander Yakovenko, Russian Ambassador to UK)

In November 2011, the Arab League decided to suspend Syrian membership in the organization.

28.03.2013 - Russia-UK strategic dialogue: New modalities (by Alexander Yakovenko, Russian Ambassador to UK)

The first meeting of the strategic dialogue at the level of foreign and defence ministers of both countries took place on the 13th of March 2013.

25.03.2013 - Ambassador’s Notebook: Economic Integration in the CIS – New Realities

Multilateral cooperation and economic integration in the CIS are not only a function of history and geography; they are an economy-driven process involving numerous levels and dimensions.

14.03.2013 - Ambassador’s Notebook: Helping Yemen

Last week, the Friends of Yemen held a ministerial meeting in London.

06.03.2013 - Ambassador’s Notebook: Outlining the Priorities for Russia’s UN Security Council Presidency

On March 1, 2013 Russia assumed the rotating presidency of the UN Security Council. Our work in the UN Security Council will be founded in the principles of guaranteeing equality, mutual respect and non-interference in states’ domestic affairs, and we will focus on the need to settle conflicts peacefully, promote cooperation in strict adherence with the UN Security Council Charter, and strengthen the legal foundation of international relations.

22.02.2013 - Ambassador's Notebook: Towards the Implementation of the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy

On January 31, 2013 the international conference on national and regional counterterrorism strategies took place in Columbia.

22.02.2013 - Russia's Initiatives for the G20 (by Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko, The Huffington Post, 21 February 2013)

On 15-16 February Moscow hosted the first Meeting of the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors under Russia's G20 presidency.

02.02.2013 - Remarks by Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko at the opening of Stalingrad battle 70-th anniversary event (Rossotrudnichestvo office, London, 2 February 2013)

Dear friends, Today, we have gathered here to commemorate the 70-th anniversary of the victory of the Red Army and the Russian people over Nazi Germany troops in the battle of Stalingrad – the battle that became the turning point of the Second World War.

02.02.2013 - Ambassador's Notebook: Mali: Echoes of the Libyan Conflict

Over the past two weeks the situation in Mali has changed dramatically. The government armed forces have succeeded in dislodging the militants from significant parts of the country. As the state of emergency is extended for three more months, there is hope that the government of Mali will be able to restore stability in the country.

01.02.2013 - Space investment: Russian program gets facelift

Russia occupies the leading position in space research and exploration. Now the Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) has taken another step forward and published a state program entitled "Space activities of Russia in 2013-2020."

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