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10.01.2013 - Ambassador's Notebook: Bilateral Relations in 2012: Highlights

This past year has been very fruitful in terms of developing broad political dialogue between Russia and Great Britain. President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev met Prime Minister David Cameron at the G8 and G20 summits and during the Olympic Games in London.

08.01.2013 - Ambassador's Notebook: G20: Russia Picks Up the Baton for 2013

On December 1, 2012, Russia assumed the presidency of the G20. One may wonder why the public, year after year, pays ever more attention to the Group’s activity. The answer is obvious.

28.12.2012 - World politics in 2012: Guided by civilisational identities

The year 2012 has confirmed the trends that we have been witnessing over recent years. The world is becoming more interconnected and more turbulent. It is changing fast. Those changes do not follow a certain scenario, but rather defy all plans and forecasts. Fundamental transformation and, probably, upheavals, lie ahead.

26.12.2012 - Ambassador's Notebook: On Human Rights

The Russian Embassy website recently published Russia's Foreign Ministry report on the human rights situation in the EU. One of the subscribers to our official twitter account commented that Russia does not have the right to be “lecturing EU on human rights.” The point made is the familiar position of some of our critics here in the UK and some other EU countries.

24.12.2012 - India and Russia: new prospects for strategic partnership in the 21st century

An article by Vladimir Putin published in The Hindu (24.12.2012) I am glad to have an opportunity to address the readers of one of the most influential Indian newspapers – The Hindu. As my visit to New Delhi is beginning, I would like to outline approaches to further development of strategic partnership between India and Russia. This year marked the 65th anniversary of diplomatic relations between our countries. During the past decades we have acquired a vast experience of joint work and achieved progress in a range of fields. Political epochs were changing but the principles of bilateral ties, such as mutual confidence and equality, remained the same. I would like to stress that deepening of friendship and cooperation with India is among the top priorities of our foreign policy. And now we have every reason to say that they have really unique special and privileged character.

20.12.2012 - Priorities of Russia's G20 Presidency in 2013

Article by Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko published in the Russia Now supplement of The Daily Telegraph on 18 December 2012

19.12.2012 - Ambassador’s Notebook: The Continuing Arab Spring – Managing Sectarian Tensions

The mainstream opinion on the Arab Spring in Britain seems to be quite reasonable. First, we should not make the mistake of viewing the Arab Spring through a sectarian lens, second – we should not view sectarian politics as the defining issue affecting the region’s security, third – all countries in the region have a common interest in defusing sectarian tensions, and, finally, fourth – that sectarian tensions can only be defused and overcome by peaceful political means. What is missing, however, is the reality of outside interference.

12.12.2012 - Аmbassador’s Notebook: Moscow as an International Financial Center

On December 11, 2012, leading Russian and British financial experts and businesspeople will gather at The Mansion House, the official residence of the Lord Mayor of the City of London, to share experience and discuss opportunities arising in the development of Moscow as an international financial center. This will be the fourth meeting of the Joint Liaison Group set up during the bilateral summit in Moscow last year. The meeting will be chaired by Alexander Voloshin, Head of the Russian MIFC Taskforce, and Alderman Roger Gifford, the Lord Mayor of the City of London.

04.12.2012 - Ambassador's Notebook: Scottish Impressions

I have always known that every visit to Scotland – one of the most beautiful regions of the UK – will invariably create a great many unforgettable impressions. So deep is the culture of this people, who live in a harsh climate, are to some extent ascetic, and in a way resemble us. My visit to Scotland from November 28 to December 1 was no exception. I had a chance to meet a range of interesting people, committed professionals.

30.11.2012 - Russian Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko speaks at at the annual Russian Banking Forum (28 November 2012)

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I am glad to welcome you in London at the Nineteenth Russian Banking Forum, hosted under the auspices of the Adam Smith Institute. I am pleased, as a year ago, to see in the audience today the familiar faces of the leading Russian bankers, financiers and economists of the City. This annual forum is established platform for discussion of the current trends and priorities of the national banking sector, with the participation of international experts, representatives of the international financial community.

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