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04.11.2012 - Remarks by Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko at the Russian Film Festival opening ceremony (2 November 2012, London)

Ladies and Gentlemen, It gives me a great pleasure to welcome you at the opening ceremony of the Russian Film Festival. It is the 6th Festival, and we may for sure say it has already become a good cultural tradition. Thanks to the organisers, we are having a fantastic opportunity to regularly enjoy high quality examples of the Russian film industry inLondon.

02.11.2012 - Russia must look east

By Dmitry Medvedev (Poblished in Financial Times, 02.11.2012)

30.10.2012 - Lets look forward to some big new contracts (Article by Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko published in the Russia Now supplement of The Daily Telegraph on 30 October 2012)

Relations between Russia and the United Kingdom are improving, albeit more slowly than one would have hoped. But we have been steadily moving towards what in diplomacy they call rapprochement. The Olympic Games in London this summer demonstrated this most vividly. We sincerely congratulate the British organisers on their splendid achievements and are looking forward to making use of this valuable experience and expertise in holding the Sochi Winter Olympic Games in 2014.

24.10.2012 - Interview of the Russian Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko to the UNA-UK magazine “New World” on the occasion of the UN Day

What are your top UN priorities for the 67th General Assembly session? Russia believes that the session should reiterate the commitment of all States to multilateral approaches in global politics and to establishing a unifying agenda for collective engagement in addressing global challenges. Today, multilateralism, with the United Nations at the heart of the international system, has no alternative. We will stress the need to intensify efforts aimed at strengthening the legal framework of international relations and promoting the rule of international law, including universal interpretation and application of treaties and United Nations decisions, including those made by the Security Council. Russia will call upon strict compliance with the United Nations Charter, including the status and powers of the Security Council as the principal body responsible for maintaining international peace and security. The very first resolution adopted at the current session, namely the Declaration on the Rule of Law and the National and International Levels, has become a major achievement in this regard.

03.10.2012 - Russian FM Sergey Lavrov interview to the Kommersant newspaper (quotes)

Question: Given the differences between Russia and the United States on a range of important issues - missile defense, human rights and international issues - can you say that the "reset" has failed?

28.09.2012 - STATEMENT by H.E. Mr. Sergey V. LAVROV, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, at the 67th Session of the UN General Assembly

Distinguished Mr. President, Ladies and gentlemen, For over a year and a half the situation in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) has been a nerve knot of the global politics. The deep changes that have swept over the region, intertwine with the key problems of the modern international relations and require everyone to use a comprehensive approach, to reject simplified and ideology-driven patterns and double standards.

28.09.2012 - Transcript of the interview of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia S. Lavrov in the "Charlie Rose Show" September 25, 2012

CHARLIE ROSE, PBS NEWS HOST: Welcome to the program. Tonight a conversation about Russia and its foreign policy with the foreign minister Sergey Lavrov. He has served as Russia's foreign minister since 2004. He is in New York for the United Nations General Assembly. The continuing conflict in Syria is the central focus. President Obama spoke about the issue earlier today.

25.09.2012 - Pragmatic partnerships with a global dimension

Article by Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko published in the Russia Now supplement of The Daily Telegraph on 24 September 2012

07.09.2012 - Ambassador A.Yakovenko: thinking on Syria

Over the past few months meeting British Government Ministers, politicians and people in academia and media I have been often asked questions onRussia’s position on the Syrian crisis and its conceptual reasoning. The Embassy has also been receiving letters from British citizens on those issues. I’d like to answer them, though Russia has always been clear on where we stand onSyria, including at the level of President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, as well as in the course of our diplomatic contacts with Foreign Office.

06.09.2012 - Digital diplomacy makes the right connections

Article by Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko published in the Russia Now supplememnt of The Daily Telegraph on 6 September 2012

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