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03.08.2012 - Article of the First Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia A.I.Denisov «Foreign policy aspects about accession of Russia to WTO», published in magazine «International life» (№7, 2012)

Appreciable role of our country concerning solutions of many global questions and regional conflicts, continuous membership in the Security Council UN, participation in the G8 and the G20 - is not the whole list of criteria that reflect Russian geopolitical status. Completion of long-term negotiation process about participation of Russia in the World Trade Organization (WTO) confirms our consecutive course aimed to integrate our country into the global economy, strengthens the international Russian positions as one of the leading participants of the global economic architecture reforming process.

03.08.2012 - President Putin answers to journalists’ questions following visit to United Kingdom

QUESTION: Do you feel any kind of involvement in the Russian judokas’ victory? PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA VLADIMIR PUTIN: I think the only time we ever had an Olympic gold medal in judo was in Moscow. We have never had any others.

30.07.2012 - Full text of the interview by PM Dmitry Medvedev to The Times newspaper

Question (via interpreter):Perhaps we can start with your impressions of yesterday's Olympics’ opening ceremony: What did you think of it? How did you like it?

18.07.2012 - Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko’s address at wreath laying ceremony at the grave of Revd. Iakov (James) Smirnov

Today, as we commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Russia-UK peace treaty which sealed our alliance against Napoleon, we have gathered to pay tribute to an outstanding personality - Iakov (or James) Smirnov, who was posted to London in 1780 and spent almost 60 years here acting not only as a spiritual father for the Russian compatriots and all other Orthodox Christians in Britain, but also as a diplomat. Twice during the turbulent times of the Napoleonic wars he was left in charge of the Embassy, maintained link with Russia and cared about the Russian community.

09.07.2012 - President Putin's address at the meeting of Russian ambassadors and permanent representatives

As you know, today, Russia is observing a national day of mourning for those killed in the south of our country and in the road accident in Ukraine. This is a great tragedy, a great misfortune. I ask you to stand and honour the victims’ memory with a minute of silence.

26.06.2012 - The noble struggle of 1812 has lessons for us today

Article by Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko in Russia Now supplement of The Daily Telegraph

18.06.2012 - Article by President Vladimir Putin, published by the Mexican daily El Universal

An unprecedented crisis hit the global economy four years ago, sending visible ripples around the entire world and affecting every country to some degree.

15.06.2012 - On the Right Side of History

Article by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov published in Huffington Post UK

08.06.2012 - Russian law on regulating protests

We are striving for legislation that is comparable to the regulation of political protests in the west and that is, indeed, inspired by the European example. The draft – which has been adopted by parliament and is awaiting the president’s signature – increases fines for unsanctioned demonstrations to Rbs 300,000. This is equivalent to £5,900, not dissimilar to the £5,000 fine protesters could face in the UK if convicted under the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act.

30.05.2012 - Our security concerns must be taken seriously

Article by Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko in Russia Now supplement of Daily Telegraph

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