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15.02.2012 - Talking points of Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko at the presentation of Skolkovo Foundation at the Institute of Directors

It is a pleasure to welcome you at the authoritative Institute of Directors in central London. This is, perhaps, the first such presentation with the participation of a representative delegation of the Skolkovo Foundation in the United Kingdom. I know that representatives of the Foundation and heads of clusters met yesterday with successful British companies, operators of scientific parks and scientists. All these events have been possible as a result of a joint work done by the participants of today’s meeting in the follow-up of arrangements and the memorandum signed in the course of top-level talks in September 2011 in Moscow.

27.01.2012 - Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko’s speech on Holocaust Memorial Day, Soviet War Memorial, London, 27 January 2012

Every year we come here, to the Soviet War Memorial, to honor the memory of the victims of Holocaust – one of the greatest tragedies in the history of the 20th century. And today we have only one feeling in our hearts – this should never happen again!

17.01.2012 - Speech of A.Krainiy, Head of the Federal Agency for Fishery of the Russian Federation, at the presentation of the economic and investment potential of Scotland

First of all I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Embassy of the Russian Federation in London and to my Scottish counterparts for the interest towards the Russian fishing sector. I would like to point out that the Russian side is also interested in the resumption of the Russian-Scottish cooperation in fishery. I am convinced that we will find mutually advantageous fields of cooperation.

16.01.2012 - Welcoming remarks by Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the United Kingdom HE Alexander Yakovenko at the Presentation of Economic Potential of Scotland at the Embassy of Russia in London

It is a pleasure to greet you at the meeting devoted to Scotland. We all remember since our childhood an image of beautiful Northern region created by poets and writers. But I would like to remind you that ties between our country and Scotland are of a long tradition. There is a long historic list of names and events which reflects friendship between the two nations but it is the trade, or investment as we call it now, which have brought the Russians and Scots together for centuries.


Dear friends! I am happy to welcome the visitors of our website and would like to use this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We will remember 2011, which is almost over, as a period of changes in the world happening at an increasing speed, coinciding with more turbulence in international relations. The world economy was being negatively influenced by crisis symptoms which affected almost everyone. At the same time I would like to note that bilateral relations, political and cultural ties, trade and economic cooperation between our countries are becoming more sustainable. The remarkable pace of the development of political contacts that has been achieved in 2011, their high level is proof of it. Still, there is a lot to be done. I am sure that the Russian-British relations have a bright future.I hope that the New Year will fulfill your expectations and bring you success and prosperity. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

28.12.2011 - Russia and Scotland: new opportunities for old friends

I guess I will not reveal a big secret by saying that we look with confidence into the future of the Russo-British relationship. Dramatic increase in contacts of all sorts as well as Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent visit to Moscow with a number of essential documents signed is just a clear proof of us being right in our optimistic feelings and our vision being shared by the British partners.

20.12.2011 - Article by Alexander Yakovenko published in the Russia Now supplement of The Daily Telegraph

Reappraising our values in international relations This year has been replete with important, and sometimes historic events, globally and regionally, notably the Arab Spring and the eurozone crisis. New and ever more convincing evidence has shown that a radical transformation of global governance is taking place. The co-ordinates of international relations have been shifting towards development issues central to world politics. At the same time, the kind of transformation that reflects the endgame of processes that began at the turn of the Seventies is gaining pace, whether we look at the Arab world or the crisis of liberal capitalism.

16.12.2011 - World trade will be rewarded for letting Russia join the club

Amid all the financial turmoil, Russia's accession to the World Trade Organisation, expected to be agreed in Geneva today, is a rare piece of good news for world trade. Finally, the last big economy is coming into the fold; the WTO can now be properly considered a global organisation.

12.12.2011 - Address of Ambassador Alexpander Yakovenko at the lunch at the House of Commons

Dear Colleagues, Mr Francis Maude, Mrs Eva Schloss, Members of Parliament, Our today’s meeting is the right occasion to remember the most terrible event of the past century, the WWII. It is symbolic, that today we gathered at the British Parliament, which was damaged by air raids of the German aviation in 1941. These walls are live witnesses of the terrors of that cruel war.

12.12.2011 - Letter to the Editor of The Daily Mail regarding the article about Veterans Minister Andrew Robathan statements on medals for Arctic Convoys veterans

Sir, I strongly disagree with Andrew Robathan who said of the Arctic Convoys veterans that there was “no intention to cover everybody in medals like authoritarian regimes and dictators do”. Russia has awarded the British veterans of the Arctic campaign not to “throw out a lot of medals” but as a sign of gratitude for their courage and sacrifice in our common struggle to save Europe and European civilization from Nazi barbarians. It is only proper for our two nations to remember that horror born out of the dysfunctional European society and politics of the time, as well as those who helped put an end to it.

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