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07.10.2011 - Eurasian integration explained – an article by Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko published in “BSR-Russia”

A few days ago Prime Minister Vladimir Putin published an article on integration of the post-Soviet states under the title “A new integration project for Eurasia: a future in the making” (full text available at http://rusemb.org.uk/press/246). This article has received comments by a number of British media outlets, though not all the critics seem to have read it. Which is why I feel it necessary to underline its main points.<

03.10.2011 - Letter to Editor in Chief of the Sunday Times on Litvinenko case

Dear Sir, I would like to comment on the facts alleged in the 2 October article “Russia murdered Litvinenko, says top prosecutor”. Firstly, the statement that Mr Litvinenko had been murdered in a “state directed execution orchestrated by Russia” has not been supported by evidence. We are sure that such evidence has never existed. Otherwise, it would have been presented to us.

29.09.2011 - Speech by Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko at the presentation of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), 29 September 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am glad to welcome you at the Royal Society of Chemistry, and today I would like to introduce to you Egor Borisov, President of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), and his delegation who for the first time in Great Britain will make a presentation of Yakutia and speak about its truly enormous international investment opportunities. This is the first one of a series of meetings with the heads of leading Russian regions due to take place in the months to come and I am glad that Yakutia is to initiate this program in London.

27.09.2011 - United by our past, we will tackle the future together – Article by Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko for the Daily Telegraph supplement “Russia Now”

The relationship between our countries originated in hard times for both Russia and Great Britain during the rule of Ivan the Terrible and Mary I. That time happened to be bloody for the two countries in their own ways.

23.09.2011 - Interview of Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko to Interfax news agency

- Mr. Yakovenko, what has changed in the British-Russian relationship since David Cameron’s visit to Moscow?

22.09.2011 - Russian DFM Gatilov on International counter-terrorism cooperation

Speaking at the International counter-terrorism cooperation on 21 September 2011 Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said: “The Russian Federation calls for enhanced efforts toward a comprehensive implementation of the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy. We note the contribution made through the Security Council, its Counter-Terrorism Committee, as well as committees 1267 and 1540, and we fully support the work of the Task Force and the further development of a keen and substantive dialogue within the working groups operating under its aegis. We expect that additional opportunities in this regard can be opened with the launching of the Task Force’s new project to establish a UN Anti-Terrorism Center.

22.09.2011 - Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko's Speech at a dinner with British and international investors, 20 September, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am glad to welcome you in the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the United Kingdom. Our meeting today, the first one to be held in such a narrow and trusting composition, is held with the assistance of one of the leading Russian banks VTB Capital in the run-up to the yearly investment forum “Russia Calling” in Moscow on 5-7 October.

09.09.2011 - Introduction by Sergey Lavrov, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, FIRST Magazine, Special Report - Russia

The forthcoming visit of British Prime Minister David Cameron to Moscow this autumn is a good opportunity to review the current state of our political dialogue and areas of practical cooperation. We value multidimensional interaction between Russia and Great Britain in the UN Security Council, G8, G20 and other multilateral fora. This interaction is indispensable for international stability, including Euro-Atlantic region where the need for an open cooperative architecture of indivisible security without dividing lines becomes more and more obvious.

05.09.2011 - Comment by Minister-Counsellor Alexander Kramarenko

May I join debate on Libya, started in “The Financial Times” and support the argument made by Anne-Marie Slaughter, my former counterpart in policy planning (Time to compromise to protect Libya’s people, 2 August), as well as by Michael Peel (All parties need to reveal their plans post-Gaddafi, 16 August) and Alistair Horne (What did we expect from the Arab Spring?, “Daily Telegraph”, 17 August). As an expert on international affairs, I believe the point they made is more relevant now that a certain phase of the Libyan crisis is over and international community is pondering what to do next.

30.08.2011 - Article by Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko published on 30 August 2011 in the Daily Telegraph (Russia Now supplement)

Globalisation in general and the current crisis in particular show with great clarity that in the 21st-century, Russia and the UK have no reason to stand apart but, of course, a healthy competition remains.

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