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28.08.2011 - Letter to the Editor of The Sunday Times

Sir, Mark Franchetti states that Russia is facing an “alarming” brain drain of young people (“Youth exodus hits dead-hand, corrupt Russia”, 14 August). He reports that 40 per cent of Russian young people reportedly said they contemplated looking for a job abroad – but this figure compares very favourably to the 75 per cent of Britons considering moving abroad, according to a recent poll.

11.08.2011 - Ambassador A.Yakovenko’s comments on Gideon Rachman’s article “Beware the guns of August” (Financial Times, 2 August)

With all my respect to the author, his as-a-matter-of-fact treatment of the events of August 2008 doesn’t seem fair to me. It simply ignores the fact established by the EU-mandated H.Tagliavini International fact-finding Mission, that it was the Georgian Government that launched a military operation against South Ossetia in the dead of night on 7 August 2008. It means, that our troops moved into the region in response to that action. So, and that is important for the theme of that article, it was not us who chose August for that crisis, quite cynically timed to the opening of the Olympics in China. As a matter of fact, back then, unlike now in respect of events in Syria, that attempt by Georgian authorities to suppress their own people with crude military force didn’t provoke outrage among our Western partners.

23.06.2011 - Speech by the Russian Ambassador A.Yakovenko at RBCC Business Forum “Russia – a wealth of opportunities”

Your Royal Highness, Dear Mr Chairman, Ladies and gentleman, It is with great pleasure that I have accepted the invitation to come to the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce Annual Forum in London. As the new Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Court of Saint James’s, it is my first opportunity to address the members and guests of the Chamber.

22.06.2011 - Interview by Dmitry Medvedev to Financial Times

The interview was recorded on June 18, 2011 in St Petersburg

22.06.2011 - Address by the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry A.Medvedev to the participants of the Global Zero Summit

Dear participants, The aspiration for high principles has always been typical for the development of the human civilization at all times. Beyond all doubt the aim of denuclearization of the world, which your representative Forum has made its mission, is among these principles. Playing an active part in searching ways for further denuclearization, you not only make contribution to the promotion of the global security and stability, but also foster social progress.

01.06.2011 - Speech by the Russian Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko at VTB Capital Investment Forum “Moscow as International Financial Centre” Panel London, 1 June 2011

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, It is with great pleasure that I accepted the invitation to speak about establishment of an international financial center in Russia at the annual forum “Russia Calling. London session” organized by a leading Russian investment bank, VTB Capital. There seem to be no better place than this venue to highlight the importance of further development and improvement of the Russian financial markets as a key component of the post-crisis Government development strategy for the Russian economy and its ever-increasing integration into the global economic and financial system.

25.05.2011 - Outline of remarks by Charge d’affaires a.i. Alexander Sternik at the meeting with UK media representatives

1. The President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev is attending the G8 Summit in Deauville, France on Thursday and Friday this week. He will take part in discussions with his fellow G8 leaders on Thursday - and the wider meeting on Friday with the leaders of Egypt and Tunisia on the Middle East and North Africa, and the leaders of Algeria, Egypt, Cote d'Ivoire, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Ethiopia and South Africa on the G8’s continuing partnership with Africa.

25.03.2011 - Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko’s address to the press conference on the occasion of Russia’s participation in the London Book Fair as Market Focus country.

Russia is very pleased to be welcomed as Market Focus and Guest of Honour at The London Book Fair 2011, in recognition of Russia’s rapid growth in the publishing field in the past two decades, and following the success of the Russian Pavilion and SLOVO festival, held in conjunction with The London Book Fair. This will be an opportunity for us to present the contemporary Russian literature to new international audiences.

11.03.2011 - Address by H.E. Alexander Yakovenko on the occasion of the launch of the UN Voluntary Trust Fund for Victims of Human Trafficking

At first glance, slavery seems a thing of the past. But for many people it’s still a horrifying reality. At this moment, men, women and children are being trafficked and exploited all over the world. It is impossible to measure the true scale of the problem, but it’s happening on every continent and in almost every country.

15.02.2011 - Talking Points by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey V. Lavrov at the London School of Economics

Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome the opportunity to speak at the London School of Economics, one of the most reputable British universities. Young people from many countries including Russia study here. This fact alone creates an outspoken atmosphere and promotes a broad and open-minded view, encourages to be socially active. The modern Russia is a country in transformation that leans on its own and the world experience. Russia strives to be a land of new opportunities that is open to partnership, trade, investments, civil society contacts and projects in all areas of public life.

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