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14.07.2010 - Speech of Alexander Sternik, Charge D’Affaires of the Russian Federation "RUSSIA AND AFGHANISTAN: LESSONS LEARNED" at the Royal United Services Institute on 13 July

My thoughts are with all the brave servicemen and civilians in and around Afghanistan who risk their lives to help Afghanistan people, to keep terror, drug threat and extremism away from our doorstep. All sacrifices made should never be forgotten.

12.07.2010 - Speech by Dmitry Medvedev, President of the Russian Federation, at the Meeting with Russian Ambassadors and Permanent Representatives to International Organisations

In the two years that have passed since our last meeting, the world has changed significantly, although we always use that phrase – it’s a truism of sorts. Still, it is absolutely accurate when applied to the last two years.

06.07.2010 - Speech of H.E. Mr. Yury Fedotov, Ambassador of the Russian Federation, at the Round Table on the Future of the Arctic in Chatham House on 5 July

I am pleased to have the privilege to speak to this distinguished audience. The very fact that this event is taking place underscores a growing international and local interest in the Arctic. In 2010 the Arctic has been on the agenda of leading British think-tanks. Wilton Park had a conference on this topic last February while the Windsor Energy Group devoted to it its latest meeting in the Houses of Parliament in June.

24.06.2010 - Address by H.E. Mr. Yury Fedotov, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Court of St.James’s at the RBCC Forum 2010 “Russia – New Opportunities for Business”

It has become a good tradition that the annual Russo-British Chamber of Commerce Forum in London follows in the footprints of the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, the leading global investment venue for companies doing business in Russia. In his opening address in Saint Petesburg President Dmitry Medvedev confirmed last week that our country had been firmly set on an economic modernization course. Work is underway to build a modern, strong and prosperous Russia that will be one of the co-founders of the new global economic order and a full participant of the collective leadership in the post-crisis world. I am very pleased to note that the agenda of the RBCC Forum is very closely interlinked with the modernization priorities in Russia and new respective opportunities for joint business are the main focus of our discussions today.

22.06.2010 - Ambassador Fedotov meets journalists

On 22 June 2010 the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the United Kingdom Yury Fedotov briefed British and Russian journalists about Russia’s priorities at the forthcoming G8 and G20 summits in Canada.

21.06.2010 - JOINING FORCES FOR MODERNISATION AND SUSTAINABLE GROWTH (Article by Ambassador Yury Fedotov published in “First” magazine, June 2010)

The St.Petersburg International Economic Forum 2010 will be taking place at a crucial time for the global economy. The world is slowly and gradually coming out of the recession, the global economic forecasts for this year and onwards are being revised upwards and the emerging markets, including Russia, are arguably leading the way to a stronger growth.

15.06.2010 - Address by H.E. Mr. Yury Fedotov at the Presentation of the Order of Friendship to Mr Victor Hochhauser CBE and Mrs Lilian Hochhauser

Today is a very special day. We are here to present two famous British impresarios - spouses Victor and Lilian Hochhauser - with a Russian state award - The Order of Friendship - for their outstanding contribution to the development of Russian-British bilateral relations, which made our cultures closer to each other and mutually enriched them.

18.05.2010 - Address by the Ambassador of the Russian Federation H.E. Mr Yury Fedotov to the Southampton Chamber of Commerce

It is with great pleasure that I have come to Southampton and accepted your very kind invitation to speak about the current state of affairs and the prospects of the economic co-operation between Russia and the United Kingdom. Britain is one of the major trade and investment partners of Russia. Our economic co-operation is, so to say, natural, since it is guided by pragmatism and mutual benefits.

10.05.2010 - A Welcome Message from the President of the Russian Federation Mr Dmitry Medvedev for the Participants and Guests of the Gala Concert dedicated to the 65th Anniversary of Victory in the Second World War

I am happy to greet you at this remarkable event dedicated to the 65th Anniversary of the Great Victory. Victory over fascism was one of the greatest achievements of the XX century that changed the course of the world’s history and in many ways determined the further development of civilization. It was not only with the force of arms that our enemy was defeated in 1945. It was also due to the unity of the peoples of the anti-Hitler coalition and their striving to rid humanity of the threat of Nazism and consolidate humanist values.

10.05.2010 - A Welcome Message from the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Mr Vladimir Putin for the Participants and Guests of the Gala Concert dedicated to the 65th Anniversary of Victory in the Second World War

Please accept my heartfelt greetings here in the Royal Albert Hall on the occasion of the gala concert dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the Great Victory.

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