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09.02.2010 - Address by the Ambassador of Russia H.E. Mr Yury Fedotov at Cambridge University

RUSSIA IN A GLOBAL WORLD The purpose of my address today is to highlight the main vectors of the Russian Federation’s foreign policy and its role in the modern world.

19.01.2010 - Remarks by H.E. Mr. Yury Fedotov at the Meeting of St. Andrew’s University Graduates Association

Through the years and centuries the Russian-British relations proved to be a contradicting phenomenon. The relationship between our two nations has never been easy. There were periods of partnership and alliances in ancient times and in modern history, as well as dark episodes of mutual distrust, rivalry, and even wars.

18.12.2009 - Ambassador Yury Fedotov’s interview with ITAR-TASS news agency, in Russian

Вопрос: Насколько удачным видится Вам уходящий год с точки зрения вывода российско-британских отношений из кризиса, в котором они пребывали с 2006 года, и определения более или менее четких векторов укрепления политического сотрудничества РФ и Соединенного Королевства в форматах как двусторонних отношений, так и деятельности двух стран в международных институтах?

03.12.2009 - Ambassador Yury Fedotov’s letter to the editor of The Times, published 3 December 2009

Sir, When it comes to the selective use of information, it seems that John Sweeney has more in common with “Old Uncle Joe” than the Russian education system (“Old Uncle Joe? He wasn’t such a bad man after all”, times2, Dec 1).

01.12.2009 - Address by the Russian Ambassador Yury Fedotov at the 16th Adam Smith Conference Russian Banking Forum in London

I am pleased to welcome the participants of the 16th Adam Smith Conferences Russian Banking Forum in London. It is symbolic that its main theme this year is a forward-looking, yet challenging title: “Survival to Growth - Building a Strong Foundation for the Future”. It is not less symbolic that this year we have such a high-level participation in the forum of leading Russian and international bankers as well as government officials. So, the debates will be meaningful and productive.

14.11.2009 - Ambassador Yury Fedotov’s speech at the 3rd Russian speaking diaspora forum, London (in Russian)

Позвольте приветствовать вас на открытии очередного, уже третьего по счету, форума русскоязычной диаспоры Великобритании. Я хорошо помню, как мы собирались два года назад. Тогда многие высказывали сомнения в том, что идею консолидации удастся реализовать. Время показало, что скептики ошиблись, процесс консолидации стал реальностью. Конечно, многое еще предстоит сделать, но важно, что в диаспоре растет понимание правильности избранного курса.

02.11.2009 - Russia is set to turn a page (article by Yury Fedotov in The Guardian)

The talks in Moscow today with David Miliband are more important than the usual routine foreign minister’s visit. We all know that relations between our two countries, at least at government level, have not been easy over the last couple of years. The visit is a chance to reset our relationship. Russia is determined to take advantage of this opportunity.

30.10.2009 - Yury Fedotov’s interview to Interfax news agency (in Russian)

Вопрос: Министры иностранных дел Великобритании не посещали Россию с визитами с 2004 года. В чем причина, в общем-то, такой не совсем нормальной ситуации в дипломатической практике?

28.10.2009 - Lecture by the Ambassador of Russia H.E. Mr Yury Fedotov at the Oxford Union Society

Today the world finds itself at a critical stage of its development. It is rapidly changing right before our eyes. 20 years have passed since the funeral of the Cold War and it is clear as never before that prospects of a unipolar world were nothing but illusions. This concerns both politics and the economy. The global financial and economic crisis, in particular, has convincingly demonstrated the inadequacy of the current economic world order and the necessity to look for new approaches.

23.09.2009 - Address by H.E. Mr Yury Fedotov at a reception to mark the 15th anniversary of Peter Hambro Mining PLC at Hertford House

It is with great pleasure that I have joined you today to celebrate the success of a British – Russian business partnership that was established fifteen years ago. I am certain it is no coincidence that Peter Hambro Mining chose the Hertford House that is a home to the unique Wallace Collection, to mark this important occasion.

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