24 January 2021
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Concerning the flight ban to Russia

Due to multiple requests concerning the flight ban to Russia we would like to inform you of the following.

Because of rapid spread of the new variant of coronavirus across the UK in view of protecting the health of population in our country the Russian Government decided to suspend flights from the UK. The situation here is not getting better and now we see another lockdown. This is why the suspension has already been extended twice. Moreover, one case of imported new variant from the UK has been established by the Russian Health authority.

We understand the frustration regarding the unrealized Christmas plans in Russia. But we are all in this unfortunate situation and our kids, for example, should once again study from home because of school closure.

We strongly disadvise any transit flights from the UK to Russia without prior consulting with respective airlines and foreign embassies in London. We would like to remind that British nationals and foreign residents in the UK can travel to Russia only by direct flight from London. Flying by transit via another country is not allowed, unless the person is subject to Government exceptions.

The Russian law and the international practice do not provide for any visa extension or visa fee refund. Unfortunately, if someone lost the chance to visit our country he will need to apply for visa again. The same goes for Russian nationals who could not use their British visa, when there were no flights between Moscow and London.

Our Visa Center is open and it is possible to apply for visa, but, as you know, currently the flights are suspended until 2 February. It is difficult to say now whether you can fly to Russia after this date. We will keep you updated on our website.



The Consular Section is fully suspending all passport operations for Russian nationals from 25 January until 5 February.

12.01.2021 - Extended suspension of flights from the UK to Russia

The Government of the Russian Federation has taken the decision to extend the suspension of flights from the UK to Russia until 23 h 59 min of 1 February 2021.

30.12.2020 - Due to multiple requests related to the suspension of flights to Russia

We would like to remind that restrictions for entering the Russian Federation have been lifted for British citizens and foreign residents in the UK with a document proof only if they travel by direct flight from the UK

30.12.2020 - E-visa to Russia not available yet

The e-visa will not be available yet from 1 January 2021.

28.12.2020 - Extended suspension of flights from the UK

The government of the Russian Federation has taken the decision to extend the suspension of flights from the UK until 12 January 2021.

28.12.2020 - Consular Section opening times during New Year holidays

In view of the New Year and Christmas holidays the Consular Section will be closed from 31 December 2020 till 10 January 2021.

24.12.2020 - On visa-free travel between Russia and the Dominican Republic.

The Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Dominican Republic on conditions of the waiver of visa requirements for mutual travelling of Russian and Dominican nationals entered into the force on 15 December 2020.

21.12.2020 - Flights between Russia and the UK have been temporarily suspended

The ban on flights comes into force starting from 00 hours 00 min. on 22 December 2020.

18.12.2020 - Entry to Russia for foreign journalists.

Journalists, technical staff of foreign media and their family members are not subject to the official exceptions to the right of crossing the Russian border.

11.12.2020 - Reminder on the medical document for COVID-19

Comments of the Russian competent authority in the field of public health (Rospotrebnadzor).

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