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887 days have passed since the Salisbury incident - no credible information or response from the British authorities                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     879 days have passed since the death of Nikolay Glushkov on British soil - no credible information or response from the British authorities



Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova on the incident in Salisbury

Question: Do you still have questions after the interview that Petrov and Boshirov gave to Editor-in-Chief of RT TV Channel Margarita Simonyan?

Answer: This is a good question. At last, someone asked me this. In what context was I supposed to watch this interview? I watched an interview with two people whose names did not leave the television screens or the front pages of the newspapers for two weeks. If it were an interrogation, then different questions would have been asked, and the conversation itself would have been different. It was not an interrogation, but an interview with two people who found themselves in trouble on a global scale, in their words.

Question: Personally, did you find Petrov and Boshirov convincing?

They convinced me only of the fact that they actually exist, which they confirmed. This was the most important thing, since Britain tried to convince everyone otherwise.

I think we need to remember that the world created civilised forms of living based on law, so that we can operate on the basis of the presumption of innocence rather than follow primitive instincts, like someone is trying to whip up. I must be convinced that someone is guilty, not the other way round. Individuals who have not been formally charged with anything in a civilised manner shouldn’t have to justify themselves and prove their innocence. What London is doing is beyond this legal premise and common sense. This is a return to the most abject medieval practices.

There’s another important point. Almost every day, we ask Britain to provide at least some evidence or information about the circumstances of the incident, any evidence of us being involved in the Skripal poisoning or any suspicious actions committed by anyone, using either closed and open channels. What we get in response is nothing. Zero. Moreover, Russia’s investigative or law enforcement agencies have not received any inquiries from the British authorities.

Why should we trust or distrust Petrov and Boshirov when there’s zero evidence on the table that would in any way link their very existence to the Salisbury incident? Just because these people were there? Then, can Britain provide a list of all the foreigners who were in Salisbury on those days? On top of that, no one has seen Sergey Skripal since the incident. No one has even talked with Julia Skripal. The whole thing is absurd, because these two individuals came in, talked with Simonyan, provided answers to the counts that the UK publicly accused them of, and, for some reason, everyone is now saying, “We do not believe them.” However, when Yulia Skripal spoke before a camera, which was operated by no one knows who, and didn’t answer any question, but instead read a text apparently written for her by someone, and before that published a text similarly written for her by someone, everyone said, “Yes, of course, we trust her.”

Question: Well, we know Julia Skripal’s background. At least we know who her father is. However, these two men came from nowhere.

This is even worse; someone lived an ordinary life in Russia, then went to the UK and simply disappeared. What we have is just virtual communication with the world in the form of statements. We need to focus on the most important things. For six months now, we have been demanding, asking, and providing legal grounds in order to get consular access to Russian citizen Yulia Skripal. They have prevented us from doing so in various forms, using various clearly far-fetched rationales. This is how total mistrust is born. Even stranger, more suspicious and crazy is the fact that they don’t allow contact with Julia Skripal not only to the embassy’s consular department, but even to a relative who was denied a visa. Viktoria Skripal was not allowed to visit her cousin or even to enter the UK and talk with the people who are in contact with Julia Skripal. And the world swallowed it. I believe that talking about trust or mistrust is beyond my scope of responsibility. This is something to be tackled by law enforcement agencies in Russia and the UK, which must remain in contact, share information, conduct investigative actions, exchange evidence and use all of the above to arrive at certain conclusions. I believe that the British should return to a civilised legal course of action when addressing these issues. So far, it has been just an open manipulation of the public mind and international law on the part of London. What they are doing on the venues of international organisations leaves no doubt about it.


25.07.2020 - "Concerning the sensational report on Russia". Article from News Agency "RIA Novosti", 23 July 2020

The report was prepared before last year’s general election, but its publication was long delayed by the ruling Conservatives, and opponents of Boris Johnson accused him of doing it specifically to downplay the Russian threat and prevent his party from losing credibility. Now, however, the report, written in part by well-known retired MI-5 employee Christopher Style (creator of the file on Trump’s “Russian contacts”), has been published. The British press has been disappointed: there is no proof of Russian interference in the Brexit referendum (although they cannot understand how the British voted to leave the EU when most of the political elite, almost all of the press and the City were against it), although there are rumours of attempts to influence the Scottish independence referendum. This, however, is London’s point of view; from Moscow’s perspective, the report is sensational, because its authors’ conclusions are the best evidence that the British powers-that-be are prepared to work in the Kremlin’s interests. Style and Browder (another co-author of the report) do not in fact understand this, but this is the skill of the so-called KGB heirs’ game. But let’s start at the beginning.

16.07.2020 - The Human Rights Situation in Ukraine - Report of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

The human rights situation in Ukraine continues to degrade. The Kyiv authorities adopt legislative acts contrary to the rules of national law and international obligations. Human rights activists document systemic violations of fundamental human rights and freedoms. Referring to the need to combat the so-called Russian aggression and separatism, political opponents, independent journalists, media outlets, and undesirable members of public organizations are being prosecuted. The rights of internally displaced persons, the Russian-speaking population, and representatives of national minorities are limited. The clergy and parishioners of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church are being prosecuted. The right to liberty and security of person is not respected. In Ukraine, there are numerous facts of illegal detention, torture, intimidation, ill-treatment, sexual violence, including to obtain confessions or compel cooperation.

16.07.2020 - Embassy comment concerning today’s unfriendly statements by Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab

The Embassy has noted the statements by the UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab concerning unspecified “Russian actors” who have “almost certainly” sought to interfere in 2019 UK General Election through “online amplification” of sensitive documents relating to the UK-US Free Trade Agreement, as well as the alleged responsibility of “Russian Intelligence Services” for cyber attacks aimed at stealing research information on coronavirus vaccine development.

06.07.2020 - Embassy comment on the UK announcement of sanctions over the Magnitsky case

The decision by the British Government to impose sanctions against a number of Russian officials invoking the death of Sergei Magnitsky in 2009 reflects the self-declared status of the UK as the global leader in sanctions policy. All questions regarding the circumstances of Mr Magnitsky’s death have been answered long ago. Today’s decision was quite obviously conceived merely as a public move.

29.06.2020 - Embassy press officer’s reply to a media question on British media reports on Russian “collusion” with the Taliban in Afghanistan

Question: How would you comment on the recent reports in British media that Russia supposedly offered “bounty” to the Taliban to kill UK as well as US soldiers in Afghanistan?

16.05.2020 - Ambassador Andrei Kelin's letter to Financial Times

Dear Editor, I feel compelled to express disagreement with the Financial Times coverage of Russia’s efforts to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. Judging by your reports, Russia’s response has been to manipulate with figures at home and to spread disinformation abroad, with the government acting inefficiently and doctors having inadequate protection. This distorted picture requires a refutation. Even by most pessimistic accounts, Russia’s performance in terms of healthcare system capacity and death rate is among the best of all major countries.

15.05.2020 - Ambassador Andrei Kelin's letter to The Times

Sir, Roger Boyes is wondering why Russian industrialists (he calls them ‘oligarchs’) are helping to fight Covid-19. Are they suddenly ‘embracing philanthropy’, or ‘cleaning up their nasty image’, or else seeking to impose a ‘new compact’ on the ‘floundering’ government?

11.05.2020 - Statement by the Foreign Ministry concerning US attempts to rewrite the history of the Victory over Nazism

Attempts to distort the results of the defeat of Nazism and the decisive contribution our country made, which are continuing in Washington even during these days of universal celebration of the 75th anniversary of Victory, cause utter indignation.

08.05.2020 - Telephone conversation between Russian President Vladimir Putin and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of Great Britain Boris Johnson. The President of Russia and the Prime Minister of Great Britain exchanged greetings on the 75th anniversary of Victory over Nazism, which became one of the greatest events of the 20th century and an example of unprecedented cooperation between the countries of the anti-Hitler coalition. Vladimir Putin noted in part that Russia remembers the exploits of the British sailors, participants in the Arctic convoys, owing to which the Soviet army and industry received arms and equipment needed during the war.

07.05.2020 - Press release on Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s telephone conversation with UK Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Dominic Raab

On May 6, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov had a telephone conversation with UK Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Dominic Raab at the latter's initiative. The two officials exchanged greetings in connection with the upcoming 75th anniversary of the victory in WWII. They noted the contribution of the members of the anti-Hitler coalition in the fight against Nazism, and emphasised the importance of using the alliance's experience in mobilising the international community's efforts to counteract today's global challenges. Particular attention was paid to discussing the efforts being taken to tackle the spread of the novel coronavirus infection and to overcome its effects.

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