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1577 days have passed since the Salisbury incident - no credible information or response from the British authorities                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     1569 days have passed since the death of Nikolay Glushkov on British soil - no credible information or response from the British authorities



Foreign Ministry Statement on personal sanctions on UK citizens in the media and the defence lobby

In response to the British government’s anti-Russia actions to impose personal sanctions on our country’s leading journalists and heads of defence companies,Russiahas included senior executives and correspondents from a number of major British media, as well as representatives of the command of the armed forces, the defence industry, and theUKdefence lobby on the Russian “stop list.”

The British journalists included in the list are involved in the deliberate dissemination of false and one-sided information aboutRussiaand the developments inUkraineand Donbass. Their biased assessments contribute to fueling Russophobia in British society.

Individuals associated with theUKdefence complex are involved in making decisions on weapons supplies toUkraine. The weapons are used by local punishers and Nazi units to kill civilians and to destroy civilian infrastructure.

The following is a list of British subjects who are no longer allowed entry into theRussian Federation.

Media representatives

  1. ShaunWALKER, correspondent, The Guardian;
  2. Con COUGHLIN, columnist, The Daily Telegraph;
  3. Stuart RAMSAY, chief correspondent, Sky News;
  4. James ROTHWELL, journalist, The Daily Telegraph;
  5. John WITHEROW, Editor-in-Chief, The Times;
  6. Chris EVANS, Editor-in-Chief, The Daily Telegraph;
  7. Richard Simon SHARP, Chairman of the BBC Board of Governors;
  8. Timothy Douglas DAVIE, Director-General, BBC Broadcasting Company;
  9.  Katharine Sophie VINER, Editor-in-Chief, The Guardian;
  10.  Clive MYRIE, journalist and anchorman, BBC News;
  11.  Orla GUERIN, correspondent, BBC News;
  12.  Nicholas Anthony ROBINSON, BBC presenter;
  13.  Paul ADAMS, BBC correspondent;
  14.  Nicholas BEAKE, BBC correspondent;
  15.  Alexander James THOMSON, chief correspondent and presenter, Channel 4 News;
  16.  Dan RIVERS, correspondent, ITV News;
  17.  Peter BEAUMONT, senior reporter, The Guardian;
  18.  Emma GRAHAM-HARRISON, correspondent, The Guardian;
  19.  Sophy RIDGE, journalist and presenter, Sky News;
  20.  Catherine Elizabeth NEWMAN, journalist and presenter, Channel 4 News;
  21.  Edward VERITY, Editor-in-Chief, The Daily Mail;
  22.  Christian BROUGHTON, Editor-in-Chief, The Independent;
  23.  Larisa BROWN, defence editor, The Times;
  24.  Mark GALEOTTI, political scientist;
  25.  Joseph BARNES, correspondent, The Daily Telegraph;
  26.  Gideon RACHMAN, columnist, The Financial Times;
  27.  Luke Daniel HARDING, correspondent, The Guardian;
  28.  Dominic Ralph Campden LAWSON, columnist, The Sunday Times and Daily Mail;
  29.  Lawrence David FREEDMAN, columnist, The Sunday Times.


Persons associated with the defence complex

  1. Jeremy Mark QUIN, Minister of State for Defence Procurement;
  2. Leo DOCHERTY, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Defence, People and Veterans;
  3. Benjamin John KEY, Fleet Commander, Chief of Staff of the Royal Navy;
  4. Michael WIGSTON, Chief of the Air Staff;
  5. Robert Andrew MAGOWAN, Deputy Commander UK Strategic Command;
  6. Charles Richard STICKLAND, Chief of Joint Operations,UKArmed Forces;
  7. Roger Martyn CARR, Chairman, BAE Systems;
  8. Charles Nicholas WOODBURN, Board Member, Group Chief Executive Officer, BAE Systems;
  9. David ARMSTRONG, Group Managing Director, BAE Systems;
  10. Glynn Stuart PHILLIPS, Group Managing Director, BAE Systems;
  11. Clifford Mark ROBSON, Group Managing Director, BAE Systems;
  12. Alexander Colin Kynaston CRESSWELL, Chairman of the Board of Directors, CEO of ThalesUK;
  13. Christopher Benoit Waller SHAW, Chief Operating Officer of ThalesUK;
  14. Paul GOSLING, Vice President, ThalesUK;
  15. Ewen Angus MCCRORIE, Vice President, ThalesUK;
  16. Suzanne Jayne STRATTON, Vice President, ThalesUK;
  17. Lynne WATSON, Vice President, ThalesUK;
  18. Gregory Lloyd CAMPBELL, member of the British House of Commons;
  19. Gavin James ROBINSON, member of the British House of Commons;
  20. Samuel WILSON, member of the British House of Commons.


The stop list will be expanded.




28.06.2022 - Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of the special military operation in Ukraine (June 28, 2022)

On June 27, in Kremenchug (Poltava region), Russian Aerospace Forces launched a high-precision air attack at hangars with armament and munitions delivered by USA and European countries at Kremenchug road machinery plant. High-precision attack has resulted in the neutralisation of west-manufactured armament and munitions concentrated at the storage area for being delivered to Ukrainian group of troops in Donbass.

27.06.2022 - Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s article on the 30th anniversary of the Organisation of Black Sea Economic Cooperation published in the International Affairs journal on June 17, 2022

BSEC: Riding the waves of opportunity to the seas of common prosperity

22.06.2022 - Press release on threats to global food security and Ukrainian grain supplies to international markets

As far as the blockage of Ukrainian grain shipments by sea is concerned, we emphasise that Russia has never hindered the export of grain from Ukrainian Black Sea ports. In reality, safe navigation in Ukrainian territorial waters and the use of ports are currently impossible due to the high level of danger posed by mines and threat of shelling created by Kiev.

14.06.2022 - Embassy comment on the recent events in Donbass, 14 June 2022

Over the weekend we witnessed a dramatic increase in Ukrainian forces shelling of the city of Donetsk. The Mayor of Donetsk, Mr Alexey Kulemzin, has reported that on 13 June indiscriminate artillery strikes of the city centre lasted over 6 hours, killing at least 5 and wounding 33 civilians. The intensity of fire, with over 700 rockets and shells falling over the peaceful city and other towns and villages of the Donetsk People’s Republic, amounts to a full-fledged and purposeful military operation. In the recent days, bombardments covered a number of purely civilian areas and targets, including Vishnevskiy maternity hospital and Mayskiy market. Deliberate targeting and shelling of civilian objects is a war crime.

01.06.2022 - Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks and answers to questions following a meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Riyadh, June 1, 2022

The main conclusion from the assessment of the geopolitical situation is that one group of countries must not be allowed to establish domination in the world. Unfortunately, our Western partners have made this an absolute priority. They are openly announcing the need for a unipolar world order that they call “a rules-based order.” But it is the West that is drafting these rules (and they do not hide this). In their opinion, others do not have this right.

29.05.2022 - Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with French TV channel TF1, Moscow, May 29, 2022

Sergey Lavrov: Unlike our Western colleagues, we are not chasing after the external effects. Nor do we regard the international actions we take as aimed at winning someone’s approval or achieving success, as you said. We are doing what we are forced to do. We are defending people and the Russian language, which has been exposed to direct discrimination and aggression by the Poroshenko and Zelensky regimes in Ukraine. We are defending Ukraine from nazification, which has persisted there for years, with the West’s direct connivance.

27.05.2022 - Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks at the 38th meeting of the Foreign Ministry’s Council of the Heads of Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation, Moscow, May 27, 2022

Colleagues, We are holding a regular meeting of the Foreign Ministry’s Council of the Heads of Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation. The meeting is taking place against the background of the special military operation in Ukraine, which is being conducted in connection with the tasks set by President of Russia Vladimir Putin, tasks involving the protection of civilians, the elimination of the Ukraine-posed security threats to the Russian Federation, and the denazification of this kindred country whose people have suffered and continue to suffer at the hands of a regime which encourages extreme neo-Nazi sentiments and practices.

23.05.2022 - Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks and answers to questions as part of the 100 Questions for the Leader project at the Yevgeny Primakov School, Moscow, May 23, 2022

I am glad to see you. My visits here are not frequent, but they are regular. And each time, I feel energised. Tomorrow, the eleven-formers will have to choose their path in life. It will not be long before the rest of you (the eight- to ten-formers) will also find yourselves at the same threshold. It is important to understand the substance of your life, the future substance of our society’s life within the framework of the professional trends that will be a factor in your employment and careers. In addition to my meetings with students at schools, I regularly meet with MGIMO students. They keep those engaging in practical politics on their toes. Policy-making should be approached in such a way as to enable our successors to see prospects and understand that the course mapped by their predecessors meets their interests.

20.05.2022 - Embassy comment on recent accusations against Russia of creating a threat of a global food crisis

Recent accusations against Russia of creating a threat of a global food crisis by not letting cargo ships with grain out of Odessa and other Ukrainian ports have nothing to do with reality. The situation in the Black Sea is at the centre of attention of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), headquartered here in London.

19.05.2022 - Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova’s comment on "Russian threat to food security"

Representatives of the collective West members are tripping over each other as they scramble to accuse Russia of undermining global food security. The G7 has issued a special statement in this regard. To be sure, we responded.

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