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 KRASIN Leonid Borisovich

He was born in 1870.
A professional revolutionary, took part in the London Party Congress in 1905, and the 1905 revolution.
On diplomatic service since 1918.
1918 – participated in the negotiations with Germany at Brest-Litovsk, and Berlin;
1919 – Head of the delegation of Soviet Russia at the peace negotiations with Estonia;
1918-1920 – People's Commissar for Trade and Industry of the Soviet Russia;
1919-1920 – People's Commissar for Railways of the Soviet Russia;
1920 – sent to London to negotiate and in March 1921 signed a trade agreement with the United Kingdom, which played an important role in strengthening the position of the Soviet state;
1921-1923 – Soviet trade representative in the UK;
1920-1925 – People's Commissar for Foreign Trade of the RSFSR and the USSR;
1922 – participated in the Genoa and Hague conferences;
1924-1925 – Soviet ambassador to France;
1925-1926 – Soviet ambassador to Britain, died in office.
He was buried in Red Square in Moscow.
An icebreaker, several streets and factories were named after Krasin.