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MAYSKIY Ivan Mikhaylovich


Name at birth – Yan Lyakhovetsky
Revolutionary (Menshevik party) since 1903
Since 1912 – emigration to the United Kingdom.
In 1921 became a member of Communist Bolshevik party.
On diplomatic service since 1922.
1922-1923 - Head of Press Department of the People’s Commissariat for Foreign Affairs;
1923-1925 – Editor of the «Star» magazine, simultaneously at scientific work in Communist University in Leningrad;
1925-1927 – Counsellor to the Permanent Mission to UK (Head of Press Office);
1927-1929 - Counsellor of the Permanent Mission to Japan (Soviet Union);
1929-1932 – Permanent Representative (Ambassador) to Finland;
1932-1943 - Permanent Representative (since 1941 – Ambassador) to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; The first Ambassador, who worked at the present building of the Embassy. During the WWII contributed to creating the alliance between USSR and Britain.
1936-1939 – representative to the Committee of non-intervention in Spanish Affairs;
1943-1946 – Deputy People’s Commissar for Foreign Affairs of the USSR (since 1946 – Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR), Member of Board of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Soviet Union), Head of Inter-Allied Reparations Commission;
1947-1975 – scientific work at the History University Academy of Science (Soviet Union). In February 1953 he was arrested, in 2 years – set free without charges.
Buried at Novodevich'ye cemetery. I. Mayskiy memoirs (in Russian): (http://militera.lib.ru/memo/russian/maisky_im1/index.html), the full version of diaries was published in UK in 2015.