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14.05.2018 - Attention Russian citizens!

The Russian Embassy in London has been informed of unmotivated stops and interrogations of Russian citizens, who legally arrive to Great Britain having UK visas, by the UK Border Force and police.

14.05.2018 - Embassy Press Officer replies to a media question regarding the statement by MI5 Director General

Question: What is your response to today’s Berlin speech by MI5 Director General Andrew Parker who called Russia a “pariah” over its “aggressive and pernicious” activities? Answer: The British government is rallying new participants into its anti-Russian campaign. The respective statements by the political leadership have been followed by National Security Adviser Sir Mark Sedwill, a number of high-ranking military officers, and now by Mr Parker.

11.05.2018 - Embassy Press Officer’s reply to a question concerning the situation with consular access to Sergei and Yulia Skripal

Q. Russia has on numerous occasions accused the UK of violating consular conventions as regards access to the Russian nationals Sergei and Yulia Skripal. How does this correlate with the need to obtain their consent for such communication while, according to the British authorities, the Skripals do not want to speak to the Russian representatives? A. The British side has informed us that Yulia Skripal is allegedly unwilling to communicate with the Embassy. It has refused consular access to Sergei Skripal citing his British citizenship. The British authorities claim that Russian nationals must absolutely provide their consent to communicate with consular officers. We cannot accept such position.

11.05.2018 - Embassy Press Officer’s response to a media question on the recent statement by Foreign Secretary Johnson

Q: Can you comment on the statement by the Foreign Secretary Johnson on recent escalation of tensions between Iran and Israel, calling on Russia to “press those in Syria to cease their destabilising activity and work towards a broader political settlement”? A: This statement is misleading.

11.05.2018 - Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko meets with the Director General, Consular and Security at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Philip Barton

On 10th May Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko met with Director General, Consular and Security at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Philip Barton. The Ambassador stated that the whole range of circumstances around the Salisbury incident involving Sergei and Yulia Skripal compel Russia to qualify the situation as a forced detention or even abduction of Russian nationals. Statements circulated by the police on behalf of Yulia Skripal are impossible to verify. There is no proof of the Russian nationals being alive and well, and not being held against their will.

11.05.2018 - Information on foreign citizens’ migration regulations and registration at the place of sojourn during the 2018 FIFA World Cup™

Foreign citizens and stateless persons, arriving to the Russian Federation as the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ spectators, can enter the Russian Federation between 4 June and 15 July 2018 (in the period which starts 10 days before the first World Cup match date and ends on the date of the last World Cup match) and exit the Russian Federation between 4 June and 25 July 2018 (in the period which starts 10 days before the first World Cup match date and ends 10 days after the last World Cup match date) without visas, using identity documents recognised as such by the Russian Federation and a FAN ID (personalised spectator card) either in the paper (laminated) or electronic form. The FAN ID entitles a foreign spectator to enter, sojourn in and exit the Russian Federation during the period specified above.

11.05.2018 - Ambassador Yakovenko held a briefing for the diplomatic corps

On 10 May a briefing was held at the Embassy for the heads of the diplomatic missions accredited in London.

10.05.2018 - Ambassador’s speech at the Soviet War Memorial

Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko’s speech at the Soviet War Memorial, London, 9 May 2018

09.05.2018 - PHOTO: Victory Day celebrated in Britain

On 9 May 2018 the Victory in the Great Patriotic War was celebrated in London with a traditional wreath laying ceremony at the Soviet War Memorial near the Imperial War Museum. The participants included Russian and British veterans, representatives of the UK authorities, Embassies of Russia and other CIS countries, NGOs, Russian community. The "Immortal Regiment" of descendants of WW2 soldiers marched in London from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square along the Whitehall. Around 3500 people took part in this remembrance rally. Other events took place in Manchester, Derby, Leeds, Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff and other cities.

08.05.2018 - Embassy’s press officer response to a media question on the new announcements on the Skripals’ case

Q: Can you comment on today's government statements on Salisbury sites being "released" by the police?

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