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Ambassador Yakovenko visits the Russian stand at the London Book Fair

2017 is yet another year of large-scale Russian participation in London Book Fair. More than 450 books are presented to the public at stand READ.RUSSIA. Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko took part in the opening of the Russian stand, with the Head of the Russian Federal Agency for press and mass communications Mikhail Seslavinsky.

Russian Consul General in Edinburgh plants Tree of Friendship in Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

As part of the opening ceremony of the Siberian exhibition in Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh on 10th March 2017, the Russian Consul General in Edinburgh Mr Andrey Pritsepov planted the Tree of Friendship in order to celebrate the beginning of the fruitful cooperation along the lines of Moscow and Edinburgh Botanic Gardens.

Plant Diplomacy: Opening of Siberian Section of Royal Botanic Garden

On 10th March the Russian Consul General in Edinburgh Mr Andrey Pritsepov together with the Director of the Main Moscow Botanic Garden Mr Alexander Demidov and the Regius Keeper of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh took part in the opening ceremony of the Siberian exhibition in Edinburgh.

Memorable gifts are presented to Scottish Veteran of Arctic Convoys

On 6th March 2017, the Russian Consul General in Edinburgh Mr Andrey A.Pritsepov had a meeting with Arctic Convoy Veteran Mr George Laidlaw, who had been awarded the Ushakov Medal. Memorable gifts created on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the first Arctic Convoy calling Archangelsk as well as a personalized officer wrist watch “VOSTOK” were presented to Mr Laidlaw.

Valdai Club report launched at the Embassy

On 9 March the Russian Embassy hosted the launch of the Valdai discussion club report “Global revolt and global order. The revolutionary situation in condition of the world and what to do about it”. The report was presented by Mr Andrey Bystritskiy, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation for Development and Support of the Valdai Club and one of its authors, Mr Fyodor Lukyanov (full text available on our website). The discussion on the new geopolitical reality, which followed the presentation, gathered a number of London ambassadors, academics, businessmen, journalists.

Members of Bulgarian community laid flowers to the Russian Embassy to commemorate Liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman yoke

On 3 March members of Bulgarian community in London laid flowers to the Russian Embassy to commemorate Liberation Day – a national holiday in Bulgaria.

Ambassador Yakovenko meets "Flight of the Swans" expedition

On 2 March Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko met with Slimbridge Wetland Centre (WWT Slimbridge) Flight of the Swans expedition participants headed by Sacha Dench. The project focused on saving swans population and environment issues. Sacha Dench followed Bewick’s swans - the smallest and rarest members of the swan family- on their annual journey from Arctic in Russian in a motorised paraglider. Ms Dench praised cooperation between Slimbridge Wetland Centre and Russian scientists and authorities.

Russian Maslenitsa Festival in London

The Russian Orthodox Maslenitsa festival, which marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring, has its origins in pagan sun worship. Every year since 2009, Russian pianist and producer Olga Balakleets has organized a weeklong celebration of Russian culture around London to coincide with Maslenitsa. This year’s festival included an impressive series of musical, cinematic and other events, along with a reception in the House of Commons.

A lecture on Russia's foreign policy at UCL

23 February UCL's School of Public Policy hosted an event on Russia's foreign policy, titled "Russia's Foreign Policy: Should We Be Concerned?".

Ambassador Yakovenko visits University of Oxford

On 15 February Russian Ambassador to UK, Mr Alexander Yakovenko visited the Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford. Mr Yakovenko met with Professor Ngaire Woods, Dean of the School, and gave a talk about Russian foreign policy to the students and visitors of the event. Q&A session followed.

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