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After three-years search, the Ushakov Medal of the Arctic Convoys Veteran Mr George Longmuir is presented to his family

In the course of a ceremony, held at the Consulate General on 16th January 2017, the Ushakov Medal and a personalized officer wrist watch “VOSTOK” of the Arctic Convoys Veteran Mr George Longmuir, who passed away in November 2013, were presented to his son Don. Don learned of his Father’s highly esteemed Russian military Award through an announcement made in a local newspaper about Consulate’s search for the Scottish Veterans of the Arctic Convoys awarded the Ushakov Medal.

Tribute paid to outstanding Russian diplomat in London

On 11 January 2017 a memorial service for Count Alexander Benckendorff, last Ambassador of the Russian Empire to the Court of St. James’s, was held at the Westminster Catholic Cathedral in London. Ambassador Benckendorff died in office on this day 100 years ago. In the nearly 50 years on diplomatic service Benckendorff made a great contribution to the development of Russian-British political and military union as well as strengthening relations between the two countries, including during the First World War.

Ushakov Medal presentation ceremony

On 9th January 2017, in the course of the solemn ceremony, held at the Consulate General, the Ushakov Medal and a personalized officer wrist watch “VOSTOK” were presented to Mr Jim Telfer, son of the Veteran Mr James Telfer, who passed away in 2012.

Memorial to the crew of the trawler "Kartli" unveiled on the island of Gigha

Scotland celebrated the 25th anniversary of the tragic accident: December 18, 1991 on the way to the port of Burgas (Bulgaria) Soviet fishing trawler "Kartli" sank off the west coast of the island Gia in a violent storm. Four crew members were killed. 47 people were rescued as a result of a large-scale rescue operation carried out by British Coast Guard.

Guest and participants of the Russian Heritage scientific conference visit the Russian Embassy

On 19 December the Russian Ambassador Mr Yakovenko invited the guests and participants of the fist “Russian Heritage” scientific conference to visit the Russian Embassy in London. Our compatriots and British helpers and participants of the “Russian Heritage” committee learned about the history of the Embassy, about work and daily life of the diplomats. A short Q&A session followed the excursion.

Ushakov Medal is presented to Veteran of the Arctic Convoys Mr James Goodwin

On 13th December 2016 the Ushakov Medal and a personalized officer wrist watch “VOSTOK” were presented to Veteran of the Arctic Convoys Mr James Goodwin.

Flight of the Swans celebration

On 13 December 2016 Attaché of the Russian Embassy Elena Gorshkova took part in Flight of Swans celebration in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire, devoted to remarkable journey and completion of the migration from training through to landing of the Flight of Swans expedition headed by Sacha Dench. Sacha followed Bewick’s swans - the smallest and rarest members of the swan family- on their annual journey from Arctic in Russian in a motorised paraglider. She is the first woman that crossed through the English Channel on a paraglider.

On the 20th anniversary TATNEFT listing event on the London Stock Exchange

On 12th December 2016 the London Stock Exchange hosted an official Market Open Ceremony, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the listing of TATNEFT global depositary receipts on the London Stock Exchange. TATNEFT was one of the first Russian companies to offer its equity to international investors in London in 1996. Today financial instruments of 68 Russian companies, as well as companies with the Russian focus are traded on the LSE.

Ushakov medals presented to British veterans of the Arctic Convoys in Hull

On 9 December 2016 Attaché of the Russian Embassy Mr Vadim Retuynskiy and Assistant Naval Attaché Commander Dmitry Sharapov presented the Ushakov medals to British veterans of the Arctic Convoys at a ceremony in Kingston upon Hull. Over 50 guests, including veterans’ families, representatives of the local authorities and press took part in the ceremony.

Reception for Nadezda charity

On 10 December the Ambassador's residence hosted a reception for the charitable foundation Nadezda (Hope) which helps children from Russia's Tver region. The event featured a concert by the pianists winners of the International Competitions Pavel Kolesnikov, Tamila Salimdjanova and Samson Tsoy who performed pieces by Rachmaninov, Chopin and Tchaikovsky.

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