27 June 2022
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1576 days have passed since the Salisbury incident - no credible information or response from the British authorities                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     1568 days have passed since the death of Nikolay Glushkov on British soil - no credible information or response from the British authorities




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09.03.2022 09:04 - Stephen HENRY KANE

Putin is a war criminal that must be stopped at all costs , he will start WORLD WAR 3 if you the Russian people dont stop him, what he has done in your name is murder , you cannot not beleave what he has said when he says that you are only firing on military targets. We have all seen the pictures ,we have all heard the stories it is NOT propaganda it is TRUE he is a murderer and he is doing so with your permission so he says. This is all because he does NOT like NATO and he does NOT want UKRAIN to join NATO ,why because he is scared of losing power that all. PUTIN cares for no on but PUTIN he does not care about the RUSSIAN people because if he did he would not be putting HUNDREDS in jail just for speaking out against him. PUTIN IS A WAR CRIMINAL and he is doing this in all your names. when will someone grow a pair and put him out of his misery like you would with a poorly animal. DO ANY OF YOU WANT TO BE INVOLVED in this GENOSIDE

01.03.2022 15:40 - jonathan

Your goverment are NAZIS

01.03.2022 15:28 - Charles Lansley

Dear Russian Embassy Staff, I appeal to all humanitarian rational Russians in your embassy and in your country to rise up and overthrow your deranged leader who is committing war atrocities in the sovereign state of Ukraine. Your leader is not only killing and maiming innocent women and children but is also destroying the great heritage and reputation of your own country. He is also sending innocent young Russians to their deaths depriving their Russian families of their sons. There is absolutely no doubt that your leaders will eventually be tried by the International Court of Justice and end up behind bars and this of course will equally apply to any government advisors in roles such as yours. So for the sake of innocent lives and the wellbeing of your own country I implore you to rise up against your mentally deranged President to enable the people of Russia to find a rational government of the people who care about human life and not their own mentally sick self-interest. I appeal to you as a friend of Russia and all Russians (with the exception of your leader who cannot be regarded as a true Russian). Yours most sincerely and in friendship,

26.02.2022 17:52 - Are you kidding?

Shame on you for not immediately coming out against Russia's vicious and brutal attack on innocent civilians, families, hospitals, and orphanages in Ukraine. May God show you the mercy you didn't show the Ukrainian people. Have a conscience, come out against Putin!

02.02.2017 12:55 - Lina Omar Jones.

Now we are in 2017, i wonder what this year will bring, hopefully peace and love. Donald Trump is now POTUS, the people have spoken against the warmongering elites, which is why they are demonising anybody with opposing viewpoints, the left is now so polarized as the aggressive, butt-hurt, gende-bending losers that we always knew they were, their hypocrisy has no bounds, they are a joke in the west. Hillary Clinton lost due to the fact she made Trump look positively angelic and real. But i'm still worried though, Trump seems to think that torture is something valuable and to be used even after the hideous behaviour of American troops in Iraq(abu graid) who tortured and killed many innocent muslims, and also his stance of Israel and the palestinians is also worrying to, 2 state solution isn't best, not zionist ass kissing and statements such as "jerusalem is the capital of israel" -very worrying. The yanks have had to chose between the "lesser of two evils' -but sadly that means we are still left with a form of evil, i prey Trump does not sell his soul to such evil.. Maybe just maybe Mr Trump will represent his country and the western people properly, hopefully he will put an end to this continuous and destructive regime change across the arab world, maybe he can show the kind of sympathy the palestainians and muslims deserve, hopefully he will stand up against wall-street and their connections to the weapons industry and war. I will not hold my breath though, this is a fight that will last many many years.

20.12.2016 12:53 - Kurdish dancer

why they kill russki ambassador?, what has Turkey to hide?..... I will be eating Turkey for Christmas, i hope turks enjoy their plate of arab treachery, political double dealing and rank hypocrisy, Turkey is a hotbed of extremist rats...

20.12.2016 12:44 - Holst benstaatan

Here we go. Our supposed "allies" the Turks have just killed the Russsian ambassador, coward!.. This should speak volumes to the extent in which Turkey is aligned with jihadists. Turkey is a great nation, huge and historic -but it is also an Islamist hovel for jihad. The guy shouted "remember Aleppo, "remember Syria, -this is a jihadist extremist sympathiser. What the hell is going on in Turkey?, are you for or against terrorism?.................

13.12.2016 11:34 - The old swan.

Aleppo is about to fall, and i say this with a true hollow and empty tone.. Once Syria's main city and an economic hub, now it is a mere shell destroyed by years of twisted sectarian villainy and arabian treachery, this false revolution is all now over -what's left is now just the ashes and dashes of innocent people's lives.... finally -hopefully - the Syrian people will not have to have their lives shaped by external geo-political meddling, their destiny set by salafist radicalism extremists and very futures as Syrian arabs shaped by the dark unforgiving combined 'foreign forces' of wahabist and western imperialism regime change.. THIS WAS A GAMECHANGER IN THE HEART OF HUMANITY. THE WEST DOES NOT HAVE "ANY" MORAL GROUND LEFT TO DISPLAY. YES -ASSAD IS NO ANGEL -JUST LIKE MANY OF HIS REGIONAL COUNTERPARTS HE CAN AND HAS BEEN SAVAGE AND MALICIOUS, BUT SYRIA IS NOT SAUDI OR BAHRAIN -WHERE WOMEN CANT EVEN DRIVE CARS, THEY ARE MUCH WORSE AND REPRESENT THE TRUE AXIS IF EVIL, SALAFIST AND WAHABI ISLAMISM. SO MAYBE ASSAD IS LESSER OF TWO EVIL COMPARED TO EXTREME ISLAM. BUT WITHOUT ASSAD -THE FURURE OF SYRIA WOULD BE ANOTHER LIBYA!..

21.11.2016 12:39 - D. Bell

hopefully with Barak Obama leaving the whitehouse and Trump coming into office we will see a new relationship between the US and Russia based on joint mutual needs and positive relations. i wouldn't hold my breath though, as the American and British administrations have zero appetite for a calm Arab world, war and turmoil is all they know, sad, very sad.

18.11.2016 02:05 - Katz Lorren

When did a country like Russia become the new pariah in a world with so many monsters?. Was it when it rightly decided not to allow Syria to become another broken state run by foreign extremist mercs like in Libya?, or maybe when it decided to not bow down to the external regime change of one of its historic regional Arab allies?. We remember Libya don't we?, yeah right -that's the same Libya now completely fractured into 2 different opposing governments and the marbled mix of murderous radicalized Jihadists clans that now sadly occupy the rest of its broken shattered shell, what an fab example Libya is in these Biblical forecaster terms isn't it?.. No accountability at all for Iraq, no impassioned cries for justice over the drones that killed thousands upon thousands in Afghan alone or the subsequent nightmarish mess called Libya, no moral outcries across the media spectrum there was there?, shockingly no, -but now suddenly because the Russians and their allies are gunning against the likes of JABHAT-AL-NUSRA and blatant foreign jihadists in Aleppo, suddenly its a war-crime, cute.........

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