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26.08.2016 10:17 - Mel Smith

Hi Mr Anglo-Saxon Male. The Russians are "fighting back", they are facing a potent opposition backed by the west, turkey and the murderous gulf-states, this needs and takes time. Be rest assured though, they(Russians) will win, terror will not prevail..

23.08.2016 11:58 - Anglo-Saxon male.

What are you waiting for?, strike back in Syria and make the world proud! You lose Assad+Syria=YOU LOSE BIGTIME, THIS WOULD BE SO SO WRONG.. Don't your proud people understand the cost of defeat in this conflict?. You lose Syria you lose your main arab ally, then you lose your port on coast. THINK ABOUT THIS, YOU LOSE SYRIA YOU LOSE ALL REGIONAL "INFLUENCE"!.. You lose Syria you lose Iranian stability and hegemony, Lebanon then finished. You lose Syria terrorists will grow, they will then attack Russian soil!, Think!.. You lose Syria the Syrian people will be under wahabist and Islamists, think!. DONT YOU RUSSIAN PEOPLE UNDERSTAND, THIS IS OF HUGE IMPORTANCE.. UKRAINE IS CRUCIAL BUT SYRIA IS ALSO JUST AS CRUCIAL.. NOW PLEASE, DO US ALL A MASSIVE FAVOUR AND SHOW YOUR MIGHT, NOW THE WHOLE WORLD WATCHES AS TERRORISTS DIG IN, PLEASE WIN!!..

23.08.2016 11:32 - Anglo-Saxon male(your brother)

Hello my Russian brothers and sisters. What the hell is going on?, your losing Syria to Marxist Kurds and Islamists mercinaries, fight back mighty Russia -and take this war the the enemy NOW!.. Where is your mighty resolve?, show your famous might and win this fight.. If you lose Syria you lose bigtime?, DO NOT LET TERROR WIN THIS BATTLE.. The whole world is with you, we hate the geo-politics/western regime change, We hate the lies, misinformation and twisted collusion, now resolve this shit!. The rebels are on the offensive, now is the time to show your famous resolve. AS RUSSIANS, AS HUMANS -YOU NEED TO ENLIST AND END THIS FIGHT NOW!!. You have no idea how much we love you, Russia is a giant, show your might.. Regards. Anglo-Saxon male..

18.09.2013 22:38 - kenneth bell

in 1915in the first world wargermany used gas on the French/Algerian/british troops, later that year the british used gas on the germans, Syria? government/ rebels?

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