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21.10.2016 - Letter to the Editor of Financial Times, published on 19 October 2016

Sir, You are right to suggest (“America’s dilemma over Russian cyber attacks”) that international agreements on the rules of conduct in cyberspace are necessary. We realized it long ago, when Moscow proposed to Washington to hold consultations on the issue.

19.10.2016 - Russian Embassy on Philip Stephens' piece in “FT”

Philip Stephens (“How the West has lost the world”, 14 October) sows panic over the present state of the world. The world is not a thing to be lost or acquired. Everybody agrees that the world is undergoing a radical transformation. In fact, it is a living thing, so is in a state of constant change. Why panic? After all, the Western elites relied on automatic extension of their empire to the rest of the world after the Cold War. Why not allow laws of physics to continue doing the job? What is wrong with the Westphalian principles?

12.07.2016 - Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s statement and answers to media questions at a joint news conference following talks with Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan Elmar Mammadyarov, Baku, July 12, 2016

During our discussion last evening and this morning we reviewed the spectrum of bilateral, regional and international issues. Let me highlight the long and frank conversation we had yesterday with President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, which mostly focused on the objectives we all face regarding the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. As my colleague and friend Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan Elmar Mammadyarov has said, this discussion was quite helpful. It will help us move forward along the lines outlined by the presidents of Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia during their June 20 meeting in St Petersburg.

06.06.2016 - Ambassador Yakovenko’s remarks at Joseph Brodsky monument unveil ceremony (Keele University, 6 June 2016)

Ambassador Yakovenko’s remarks at Joseph Brodsky monument unveil ceremony (Keele University, 6 June 2016)

06.04.2016 - "Russia’s strategy based on diplomacy backed by force" (Letter to the Editor, FT)

Sir, In his otherwise brilliant analysis “The self-induced twilight of the west” (April 4), Edward Luce has got some things wrong. Particularly, he is uncritical of the US military’s allegation of the Russian Air Force “weaponising refugees” with no evidence provided. It is well known that the exodus of refugees from Turkey to Europe started well before we intervened militarily on September 30 2015.

23.03.2016 - Letter sent to the Editor of the FT on March 17

In his article “Lev Gumilev. Passion, Putin and Power” (FT Weekend Magazine, 12/13 March) Charles Clover omits crucial points in Lev Gumilev’s theory of passionarnost. Any simplification to fit some predetermined conclusion leads to distortion. In this particular case, omitted is the idea (supported by diagrams, which, by the way, are surprisingly in line with those of Oswald Spengler in his culturological “Decline of Europe”) of each ethnos having a peak in the development of its civilisation. It is the peak of passionarnost, i.e. its ability to make/create history.

23.03.2016 - Letter to the Editor of The Times, sent on 22 March

For quite a while the British Government has been referring to perceived Russia/the Kremlin’s interest in the Brexit debate. Unfortunately, Oliver Kamm makes the same point in the Times (“Brexit would play into the hands of Putin”, 21 March).

21.03.2016 - FT Letters Editor

In your vitriolic criticism of Russia’s policy in Syria (“Putin's hollow victory in the Syrian killing fields”, 17 March) you ignore the key fact that our military intervention helped establish the IGSS embracing all the players, including Britain, Turkey and Iran, and launch intra-Syrian talks in Geneva with cease-fire holding on the ground.

26.02.2016 - Russian Embassy to "Financial Times" on Minsk Agreement

29.10.2015 - Russian Embassy on the Times editorial

Your editorial, which accompanied Ambassador Yakovenko’s interview (26 October) is full of grossly misleading statements on Russia’s foreign policy. May I set the record straight before your readership?

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