16 August 2022
Moscow: 17:08
London: 15:08

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1626 days have passed since the Salisbury incident - no credible information or response from the British authorities                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     1618 days have passed since the death of Nikolay Glushkov on British soil - no credible information or response from the British authorities




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28.03.2022 21:57 - Brian

Why is it ok to stand by and watch millions of innocent people's lives turn to misery ? Why so much bloodshed ? Why so much hate ? Why so many lies ? Why cause pain so millions of innocent people ? If peoples lives are so worthless ? Why is your life more important than others ? Do you not feel the pain of children ? Do bombs make you important ? Do you not have any love, other than for yourselves ?

28.03.2022 21:48 - dave

I will visit all these places

24.03.2022 17:10 - John smith

Viva Ukraine! You are getting your arse kicked.

14.03.2022 21:53 - Putin is a botoxed cunt

Special operation to pin back your president's ugly face war criminal nonces

07.03.2022 19:03 - Me

So much shared history between Russia and Britain in the fight against facism. Shame that what is happening now is a denial of our common brotherhood and ignores the need for us to unite together against a common enemy. As your own countrymen and women are declaring in street protests in Russian cities: 'Ukraine is not our enemy.' Russia needs to identify the enemy within - within the Kremlin. Stalin was once seen as a great Russian hero, but how many Russians hold him in high regard now? Praying for another Russian Revolution. Long live the people of Russia!

26.02.2022 11:31 - Alexander Petrov

Please send me another “special” bottle of Ninna Ricci. I have found them.

23.08.2014 09:49 - Richard Lawrence

In your landmarks, Percy Square, near Kings Cross has been missed. It is where Lenin stayed and there is a blue plaque on the wall for it. Please visit Percy Square and you'll see the blue plaque there. Thanks.

28.10.2013 14:35 - Александр Усольцева

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